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About "Never Too Late for a Shower of Rain (feat. Mir Naqibul Islam)"
Joel Veena 'Never Too Late (For a Shower of Rain) feat. Mir Naqibul Islam
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An original composition in raag Megh, a rainy season raga, in jhaptaal (10 beats divided 2-3-2-3) played on Indian slide guitar and tabla. The title comes from a Jamaican saying I learned from singer NL Dennis that means that a blessing is a blessing, even when delayed; this metaphor fits well with the character of Megh as a late night torrential downpour, soaking dry ground and nourishing thirsty plants, animals and souls. Mir's thunderous tabla solo midway evokes rolling, heavy dark clouds.

This was recorded in Brooklyn, NY in August 2022.

released March 4, 2023
Joel 'Veena' Eisenkramer @JoelVeena - Indian slide guitar
Mir Naqibul Islam @mirnaqibulislam - tabla

Composed by Joel 'Veena' Eisenkramer.

Recorded at Rift Studio NYC New York USA
Mixed by Joel Veena, Root Cellar Sound VT USA
Mastered by Tom Hutten, Bionic Mastering VT USA
Video edit by Joel Veena, filmed by Vidhi Salla