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August 08/23/21, 2021
Marama La Luna - a tribute to our beautiful moon moon, inspiring us since forever! This new Reggaeton waiata (song) from Huia ‘Marama La Luna’ (Moon Moon) was scribed when the blood moon eclipse was over Aotearoa. The song is both soothing and mysterious, dark but super starry and sparkly as well! Produced by Huia, with music additions from Rei and polished to perfection by Chris Chetland at Kog Studio, ‘Marama La Luna’ is beautifully produced, uplifting and has a fresh sound.

One of the reasons your ears might catch the new world vibe is that it includes 4 languages - te reo Māori (Aoteaoroa/NZ), NZ english and samples in Spanish and Italian which are all part of Huia’s whakapapa (lineage). The lyrics speak of how the moon can bring memories flooding back, how she can give comfort over the ages to all who gaze at her beauty. This is the start of a new world sound for summer touring as Huia has played at festivals such as Splore and RnV to name a few.

As one of Aotearoa's only te reo Māori Dnb world music vocalists, this release marks 11 years since her first te reo Māori release, with a solo set at Rozella Presents, Red Lounge sessions with Matt Rapid, Page Julia and Mystic Roots. She released 2 new tunes ‘Kanikani’ and ‘Makereti’ in 2019 and 2018 saw her release her E.P. Āio.

The lead single ‘Āio’ from the EP hit #16 on NZ Hot Singles Charts in the first week and was the only Te Reo Māori single in the top 20. Huia’s back catalogue is playlisted all round the world, from France, in the Highlands of Scotland, to Melbourne and Waiheke Island. Huia has 2 singles on the ‘TOKA EP’ by Baitercell, ‘Hine Ruru’ and ‘Te Wai Te Ora’ which were both openly praised for being a Dnb te reo Māori tune that has mass appeal. It even featured on George Fms website for Matariki and online on Te Ao show (160,000+ reach). Huia is an award winning producer and has a new album in the works, which will be mainly english and will be a lot of tunes she has written over the years that need to be released!

“Āio itself is an absolute breath of fresh air in today's music scene - a scene that (although I love) is often inundated with songs about getting lit, and having your heart broken - instead Huia leans more towards a perfect little blend of taking care of your inner self, and also of the natural world that we are surrounded by.” (Amanda Hailwood for

For more on Huia and ‘Marama La Luna’ -

Marama - La Luna

When I sing to te marama (moon)
When I sing to la luna (spanish moon)
Ka waiata au ki te marama (I will sing to the moon)
When I sing to La Luna (moon) (spanish)

Kāore au i te mokemoke x 2 (I am not lonely)
Kei raro i tō whiti, kei raro i tō whiti (Under your shine, under the shine)
Ko Hiwa-i-te-rangi au x 2 (I am Hiwa-i-te-rangi)
Kei raro i tō whiti (Under your shine)
I feel you glow

When I sing to te marama (moon)
When I sing to la luna (spanish moon)
Ka waiata au ki te marama (I will sing to the moon)
When I sing to La Luna (moon) (spanish)

Karanga mai, karanga mai taku tau (Call to me, call to me my beloved)
Kei te mārama tō kōrero (You’re speaking has clarity)
Kei te mārama tō wairua (Your spirit has clarity)
Ko Matariki au x 2 (I am Matariki)
Kei raro i tō whiti (Under your shine)
Now the world knows x 2

Ka rere mai te whakaora x 2 (echo) (Now the healing comes)
CH x 2 (end)