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Folk-Rock Rabbi recalls Woody Guthrie in new album

Feb 8, 2023
Folk-Rock Rabbi recalls Woody Guthrie in new album In an effort to capture the spirit of the times, Gedalya looks back at classic folk artist to create modern message of connection and understanding

NEW YORK (February 8, 2023) — Woody Guthrie famously called people hoping machines, and as everyone settles into 2023, Gedalya, known by his fans as the Folk-Rock Rabbi, recalls and recounts that same sentiment in his latest album, This is My World.

“One of Guthrie’s most beloved songs was This Land is Your Land, and I wanted to expand on that idea for the new digital age,” Gedalya said. “His was a message of the power of empathy and hope, and I believe that continuing on that message is more important than ever.”

With the release of This is My World, Gedalya continues to spread messages of unity through his unique blend of folk, rock, and spiritual music.

“Through uplifting lyrics and memorable melodies, I invite listeners to join me in creating a better world for all,” Gedalya said. “Small actions can make a huge difference in the world, and I hope listeners feel empowered to create a better world as they listen to the new album.”

This is My World features eleven tracks that showcase Gedalya's exceptional songwriting skills and ability to connect with his audience. With a mix of upbeat rock songs, introspective ballads, and spiritual anthems, the album is a testament to Gedalya's versatility as an artist.

But throughout, he keeps a focus on a powerful message.

"I believe that music has the power to bring people together and help us heal,” Gedalya said. “With This is My World, I wanted to create a body of work that would inspire and encourage people to put their focus on making a positive difference in their communities." 

“Thanks to amazing advancements in technology, we have access to more information and more people than in the history of humanity. The internet has connected us all, creating a time where we have the ability to work together for a better tomorrow. But we have to choose it. I want This is My World to be that invitation to step up and champion the world you want to live in.”

The album also reflects a new approach from the artist.

“Currently, it can be difficult to determine which genre one's music belongs to,” Gedalya said. “In the current musical climate, there are so many new categories, feels, and sounds that everyone is blending and experimenting with to create something creative, new and exciting.”

In an effort to take advantage of that musical climate, he said, with This is My World, he focused on finding his place musically and continued carrying his upbeat messaging.

One day, he sat down and asked himself, "Gedalya, where do you fit in?"

And after he pondered the question, he said an inner voice cried out, "You're a folk singer!" and that inspiration led to the development of the new album. 

“When you look around with an open mind and a desire to grow spiritually, you will find so many things to learn,” Gedalya said. “But as reflected in the first track, Look at the World, people have to choose to be there and take advantage of the one and only opportunity we get to experience this life.”

With This World is an Illusion, Gedalya drives the listener to explore the duality of existence and finding the right path. Song for Peace pushes a message of giving to others, and Eyes on Wine, inspired by a verse from The Book of Proverbs, preaches focus. 

Those tracks – along with the rest of the album – share the importance of learning to live in a way that benefits the world.

“While you listen to the songs, I hope that you will listen with an open heart and an open mind and that you will find that place within yourself that shares what you're hearing,” Gedalya said.

Songs from This is My World are currently available for purchase for digital play on Gedalya's website as well as on Bandcamp.

Physical copies of the album, along with digital copies of the eleven tracks, can also be found on his website, TheFolkRockRabbi.com. CDs can also be ordered by emailing Gedalya directly at GedalyaMusic@Gmail.com.