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I've Seen Both Sides

Sep 1, 2020
I\'ve Seen Both Sides As a young boy I was quiet and shy. I gravitated to doing things I could do on my own, without being a part of a group. Writing poetry was something that I enjoyed and felt real with. I also liked trying to say something with meaning that made sense while using rhymes and being a bit creative.
I didn't begin to put music to my words until I was around eighteen. One of my first songs, If I Were Superman really sums up where my head was at as a teen.
When I was twenty-one I drove to NYC from Florida with my first demo tape and began my career in music.
As I grew as a writer and performer I also took time to travel the world.
While on my journey I became an observant Jew. I've seen both sides in my life, the secular and the religious world while maintaining my identity and ability to understand both sides.
I seek to give a bit of insight, inspiration and guidance through my music. Now I'm fifty and still doing what I love to do, learning about life, writing songs and sharing my message.
I'm hoping to build a good relationship with my fans and to share interesting ideas and positive vibes.

Wishing you and yours only good things, Gedalya