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About "Hyduc Street"
Sometimes your culture just oozes out of your pores, it's hardwired into your being, no erasure, no denial: personal history is what it is. Hyduc Street is a song about a city, the city songwriters, Mac and Gar, grew up in, the city that made them who they are. Hyduc Street is a proud middle England conurbation built from the toil and sweat of its forefathers and mothers but, like other cities in the UK, a place fighting to find its way in an era of constant change. The challenge of the 21st century.

In Hyduc Street stoicism is the drug of choice: local people remain certain that their hometown will find an answer to its current identity crisis. Somewhere between its industrial past and uncertain future, there are echoes of hope, hope that shouts out the shape of the future. 'Hyduc Street' is a homage, an acknowledgement to the warmth, humour, and determination of the people of this often overlooked and maligned area, the place we call 'our home.'

"It's got to come good ..."

For sure.