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"To Catch Lightning in a Bottle" by Kluane Takhini is a musical journey through the highs and lows of our current era, blending social commentary with the universal language of music. The music on this album expresses diverse thoughts about the turbulent times we live in. "To Catch Lightning in a Bottle" means to accomplish a nearly impossible t... more
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Kluane Takhini: A World of Sound Beyond Borders
In the realm of music, few artists manage to genuinely cross the borders of genre, culture, and tradition as seamlessly as Kluane Takhini. From the cold, pristine wilderness of the Yukon to the warm, vibrant rhythms of the world, Takhini's life and career read like a novel, rich with diverse experiences that directly feed into his expansive musi... more
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The Lost Music of the Sumerians
The Echoes of Ancient Strings

Archaeological discoveries across Sumer, modern-day Iraq, have unveiled instruments that whisper tales of a rich musical culture. Lyres adorned with bull's heads, clay drums, and silver flutes have been excavated from royal graves at Ur, suggesting music's pivotal role in Sumerian society. These instr... more
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We recently had the chance to immerse ourselves in "Astris", an album that feels like a journey across time and cultures. Right from the start, it's clear this isn't just any music collection. Iasi Ensemble, alongside a talented group of musicians, has crafted something that feels both ancient and modern, foreign and familiar.

The... more
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The Harmonic Odyssey of Paul Vens & Friends: A Journey Through Music and Nature
In the world of music, where artists often chase trends and commercial success, Paul Vens & Friends stand out as a beacon of authenticity and deep connection with nature and spirituality. Their musical journey is not just a chronicle of albums and concerts but a voyage of personal and artistic evolution.

Paul Vens, the driving for... more
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The Eclectic World of Rob Vector: A Journey Through Sound and Spirit
In the vibrant tapestry of modern electronic music, Rob Vector stands out with his unique and eclectic music patterns. Hailing from the United States, Vector has carved a niche for himself by producing music that is not just heard, but deeply felt. His latest offerings, showcased in the album "Orphans", continue to push the boundaries of what el... more