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Teres Aoutes String Band: Melodic Bridges Between Traditions and Modernity

Dec 29, 2023
The Teres Aoutes String Band from Italy artfully fuses Western Italian Alps folk traditions with contemporary sounds. Founded by Mario Poletti and Fabrizio Carletto, their latest album "Meuseucca Servadze" reflects this blend, featuring collaborations like with Cameroonian musician Tatè Nsongan. Their diverse lineup and eclectic instrument use create a dynamic folk sound, bridging traditional and modern styles. Established with previous albums, they continue to innovate, redefining folk music and preserving cultural heritage.
Teres Aoutes String Band: Melodic Bridges Between Traditions and Modernity In the vibrant world of contemporary folk music, Italy's Teres Aoutes String Band stands out as a unique ensemble, blending the rich heritage of Western Italian Alps culture with modern musical expressions. The band, founded by the talented multi-instrumentalist Mario Poletti and the versatile bassist Fabrizio Carletto, has been making waves with their innovative approach to traditional folk music, garnering attention for their dynamic fusion of old and new.

Teres Aoutes String Band's latest offering, "Meuseucca Servadze," released in December 2022, showcases their commitment to evolving the folk genre while staying true to its roots. This album marks their third recording and is a testament to their ability to weave diverse musical influences into a cohesive and captivating sound. Notably, the album features a significant collaboration with Cameroonian musician Tatè Nsongan, whose African rhythms infuse a vibrant energy into the band's already eclectic style.

The lineup for this album includes an array of talented musicians: Mario Poletti on acoustic and electric mandolin, mandola, tenor guitar, banjo, and vocals; Fabrizio Carletto on electric and acoustic bass, Hammond organ, and backing vocals; Diana Imbrea on violin and vocals; Oreste Garello on acoustic and electric guitars and vocals; Tatè Nsongan on percussion and backing vocals; Michela Giordano on vocals; Paolo Costola on electric sitar; and Danilo Dalmasso on spoken word. This diverse group brings a rich tapestry of sounds and styles, from traditional folk to contemporary elements, creating a unique musical experience.

"Meuseucca Servadze" is a collection of tracks that ranges from the traditional to the experimental, highlighting the band's versatility and artistic breadth. Each song in the album is a reflection of Teres Aoutes String Band's ability to balance the delicate interplay between tradition and innovation. The use of various instruments, from the mandolin to the electric sitar, adds layers of depth and texture to the music, making each track a discovery of new sounds and rhythms.

Prior to this, the band had already established their innovative approach with albums like "Courenta & Cadillac" (released in 2020) and "Lo Rock’n Roll de la Mountagna" (released in 2018). These albums set the stage for their explorative journey in the folk music landscape, blending the traditional dances and songs of the Western Italian Alps with a modern twist.

The Teres Aoutes String Band is not just preserving the musical traditions of the Western Italian Alps; they are reinventing them, creating a bridge between the past and the present. Their music is a celebration of cultural heritage and contemporary creativity, a harmonious blend that resonates with audiences across the globe. With each album and performance, they continue to push the boundaries of folk music, ensuring that the rich musical traditions of their homeland continue to thrive in the modern world.
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