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World Music festivals

Feb 20, 2023
There are several large world music festivals that take place around the world. Here are some of the largest ones:

- WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) - WOMAD is a festival that takes place in different countries around the world. It was founded by Peter Gabriel in 1982 and features a diverse range of music from different cultures and countries.

- Roskilde Festival - Roskilde is a music festival held annually in Denmark. While it features a wide range of music genres, it also has a strong focus on world music, featuring acts from all over the world.

- Sziget Festival - Sziget is a music festival held annually in Budapest, Hungary. It is one of the largest music festivals in Europe, with over 500,000 visitors in recent years. While it features mostly rock, pop, and electronic music, it also has a World Music Stage that showcases a variety of music from different cultures.

- Womex (World Music Expo) - Womex is a trade fair and music festival that takes place annually in different locations around the world. It features concerts, conferences, and showcases of world music from different regions.

- Rainforest World Music Festival - Rainforest World Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Sarawak, Malaysia. It features a variety of world music genres and aims to promote the preservation of the rainforest and indigenous cultures.

- Gnaoua World Music Festival - The Gnaoua World Music Festival is held annually in Essaouira, Morocco. It features a variety of music genres but focuses on Gnaoua music, a traditional African style with roots in Morocco.

- Festival au Desert - Festival au Desert is an annual music festival held in Timbuktu, Mali. It features a variety of world music styles, including traditional African music, blues, and rock.

These are just a few examples of the largest world music festivals, but there are many others held around the world that showcase the diversity of music and cultures from different regions.