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About "Tuvuimami"
Written by: Nicholai Micah, Roy Tokaep and Ben Micah Jnr.
Language: Tok Pisin (PNG), Mussau(New Ireland Province), and English.
Mixed and Mastered By EthniClan.
Dedicated to our late Grand Mother: Ruth Kovolu Matautu.

This song talks about the bond of love between children to their grandparents. Sooner or later the time will come when they leave us but the memories they share will live forever in our hearts. It's ok to say goodbye as they are in a better place now.

Chorus: Ami Aelousi Ainio, Ami Aelousi Ainio.
Kariak wamami, ai kaulai nio. Tuviu Mami oh.
Translation: We love you, We love you.
And will never forget our loving grandparents.

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