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Join Me in Providing Critical Care for Newborns in Mityana, Uganda!

Sep 18, 2023
Join Me in Providing Critical Care for Newborns in Mityana, Uganda! Dear incredible supporters,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As many of you know, giving back to the community has always held a special place in my heart, especially during my birthday month. This year, I had the privilege of visiting CEI Medical Center in Mityana, a rural district in Uganda.

During my time at the hospital, I witnessed the challenges faced by newborn babies and their families. It was a heart-wrenching experience, and tragically, we lost one precious life during my visit. This underscored the urgent need for improved healthcare resources and services in this underserved community.

The hospital, like many others in rural areas, is struggling with limited resources, making it difficult to provide the critical care these newborns require. There's a shortage of vital medical equipment, necessary supplies, and qualified healthcare staff.

In light of this, I am using my platform as a DJ based in Kampala to call for your support. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these vulnerable infants and their families. I am launching a Fundraising campaign to raise funds for:

1. Acquiring essential medical equipment for neonatal care.
2. Providing necessary supplies like diapers, formula, and clothing for newborns.
3. Offering training and support to medical staff for enhanced neonatal care.
4. Establishing a sustainable fund for ongoing support and improvements.
Your contributions, no matter the size, will be a beacon of hope for these little ones and their families. Your kindness will directly impact their chances at a healthier, brighter future.

To contribute, please visit https://gofund.me/bb161a49 Additionally, I urge you to share this appeal with your network.

#NewbornCareUganda #MityanaInfantSupport #HopeForNewborns

Let's harness the power of unity and make a positive change for these babies. Your support will not only save lives but also leave a legacy of compassion and kindness.

Thank you for your generosity, and for being a part of this mission to bring hope and healing to the youngest members of our global family.

With heartfelt gratitude,