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Event Organizer
Cosmopolite Scene
Location: Oslo - Norway
Venue: Vogts gate 64

Loud Jazz Band is a modern jazz band that plays original compositions, with a distinct melancholy tone from Scandinavia's contemporary, intertwined with melodies with style from worldmusic, free jazz and rock's world. Long compositions and large crew characterize the band.


Miroslaw "Carlos" Kaczmarczyk - guitar

Øyvind Brække trombone

Wojtek Staroniewicz - saxophone

Pawel Kaczmarczyk - piano

Jonas Cambien - synth

Kristian Edvardsen - is

Ivan Makedonov - percussion

Maciej Ostromecki - percussion

Krzysztof Podsiadlo - sound
Cosmopolite Scene presents concerts of world music, jazz, crossover, soul and more... For program information check website: more
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