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Contre-Jour was created in 1992 to handle management, production and record releases specialized in World Music.Contre-Jour privileges the close ties between stage performances and record production. As part of its activities, the agency handles the organization of tours and the record production.Contre-Jour also works on occasional projects such asAcoustic Africa featuring Habib Koite, Dobet Gnahore, Vusi Mahalasela, Oliver Mtukudzi, Afel Bocoum, Kareyce Fotso, Manou Gallo,Desert Blues (together with Mukalo Production) featuring the Malian Artists Habib Koité & Bamada, Tartit, & Afel Bocoum,or Brothers in Bamako with Habib Koite & Eric Bibb.Artists on the road:

Habib Koité

Kareyce Fotso

Driss El Maloumi

Aly KeitaHabib Koité & Eric BibbTrio 3MA

Label: Latest releases in 2018 for Manou Gallo and her Afro GrooveQueen