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November 11/02/19, 2019
Cheeky Fest
Cheeky Fest is for creatives, performers, entrepreneurs, people who aren’t earning enough money through their passion to support themselves (& their families) so have a Day Job or are Unemployed & claiming (Universal Credit), have had / continue to have mental and/or physical health challenges, are still finding how they fit into society, may not have a great work history, haven’t had the opportunities to develop or apply the skills & passion they have.
Cheeky Fest is an arts community-festival connecting people through art, business, dance, drawing, education, entrepreneurship, fashion, film, installation, music, opera, performance, poetry, social media, startups, theatre and/or video.
A beautiful, bold, bright, collaborative, colourful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking year-round community focused on / culminating and growing through an annual Festival.
Cultural and creative boundaries are met, shared & challenged between international artists and viewers / audience / participants alike. The experience gathers a complexity of, and multiple approaches to art practices and tests conventional definitions of fine art and creative & performing arts.
  • The @WAKTM opera is based on a story by Chris Eales with music by Rupert Cheek.
  • Mentorship, Management & Education provided by others involved in the festival
  • Fairly Paid Work for those involved
  • Skills sessions & workshops delivered by leading professionals e.g. live sound & production, how to make space in your community for events to happen, marketing advice, artist management, or how to work with booking agents.
  • Practical support & guidance about marketing, fundraising, budgeting, logistics, and all aspects of event production. Tangible skills gained about effective event management.
  • Have your work featured on the Cheeky Fest website & social media channels. The curators selected will have the opportunity to jointly curate an event at the next Cheeky Fest.
  • Networking opportunities with other curators on the programme, professional artists & the Cheeky team.
  • Financial support available for event programming & bursaries for e.g. travel.
  • Platform for & investment (via @CheekyVentures ) in arts / music / events Startups & businesses - an 'opportunity' to share ideas & connect with potential partners, clients & customers. We will look for Startups whose technology / hardware / software / instruments could be used in the Opera. 
Go on Tour across the UK, Europe, the USA & beyond,
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