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Genre: celtic-folk
About "September"
Cornwall, or Kernow, with her wild moorlands, exposed granite cliffs and wave drenched sands, is a land of legend and folklore that has captivated and drawn people with her magic for centuries to wonder and create their own tales upon her shores.

It’s hard not to feel a deep resonance with nature and the seasons in Cornwall, yet with our modern ways and the exponential rise in tourism this land is understandably bustling during the summer months, which can feel disorientating and like we may have wandered from her ancient and less trodden path.

But September’s restorative caress always comes around and is a month many who live in Cornwall, and perhaps even the land herself, long for. The air and sea are still warm, the holiday crowds start to thin a little, and there is and excitement of reconnection in the first autumn swells…

Recorded in the magical St James The Great Church in St Kew Church Town with it’s wonderful natural acoustics by the talented engineer and producer Josh
Best-Shaw and featuring Scotland’s rising star on the blues scene Calum Ingram on cello.