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Influence: Caribbean
Genre: reggae, soul, r and b
About "Use Somebody"
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Produced & Arranged by Neville ' Macdaddy' Anderson in collaboration with Misel 'Keez' Sazdov, Duane 'Lenky' Samuels, Wilfred 'Charles' Mellers, Sept 2012

Written by Kings of Leon

Recorded at Makmaw Studio Records - Thailand

Mixed & Mastered by Woody Pornpitaksuk - Westside Mastering - Thailand

Brass Rootz Album Mastered by Marc Lawrence

Video NDC Productions

Brass Rootz International is an outstanding melodelicious infusion
of two very talented artists featuring: Reggae Saxman Jerry Johnson
and Neville Anderson on the trombone.

You just have to take a listen to the entire CD!

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Trombone: Neville 'Macdaddy' Anderson
vocals: Curtis Scott & 'Little' Jiselle Anonuevo
Keyboards: Misel 'Keez' Sazdov
Bass: Duane 'Lenky' Samuels
Drums: Wilfred 'Charles' Mellers
Guitar: Anton 'Tux' Wynkwardt
Trumpet: Roddy Lorimer
Tenor sax: Craig Smith

License No: 31927536,31928075,31917876,31918961,31919003,31919045,31919087