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Billy Tav
January 01/11/21, 2021
Keeping The Music Flowing Through Covid19 Like most others in these challenging times, where gatherings are frowned upon and we are kept detached from our loved ones...
Socialising and the entertainment in life that keep us human are hard to come by. Lockdown is the norm. Creativity is now inspired from memory rather than the inspiration of living heady moments in real time. It's hard to write when your heart isn't in it and every day is "groundhog day".
My new release "Oh So Mellow (What A Good Day)" was written pre lockdown. Little did I know that the words would take on new meaning with words of optimism as the pandemic ensued.
To all of the creatives out there who are struggling through these restricted times. Hang on in there. I wish you success and achievement as the world eventually returns to normal as it inevitably will. When the creative flow is not earthbound by the limits placed on it by society and health considerations and we all get the chance to experience joy once more.


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My New Single Oh So Mellow (What A Good Day) and 'Live Love Dance' featuring a number of your favourite tracks and songs are now live on your chosen online streaming site.

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