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About "Thunder"
Billy Jones is a Scottish singer-songwriter, now based in Sweden. He has been a working musician since the early 1960`s – his first LP coming out in 1976. After many recordings in studios and years of playing onstage comes his latest recording “Roy on the Hill.”

This record features Billy`s own songs accompanied by musicians who have all worked with him in recent years – a line-up of fiddle, banjo, mandolin, melodeon, electric guitar, bass, and drums.

The title track is a story about his sister, Kate, and her dog, Roy.

The chosen feature track is “Thunder.” Based on fragments of a dream which Billy recalls involve a fearsome horseman, a threatening storm and “ten-pound notes thrown across the floor.” It pounds along at a lively pace, powered by fiddle and banjo.

For more information about this record and about Billy Jones go to https://www.liljansmusik.com/en-GB/groups/sláinte-37578289.