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July 07/03/15, 2015

Here are some sample extracts!

“…McBirnie’s brilliant flute technique and sensitive improvisatory style happily unite with Jones’ diverse skills and genuine gift for songwriting as they demonstrate their shared love for Brazilian music. You will sense the empathy between them immediately, from the opening track of the album, “Grain of Sand”, where bossa nova is fused with the plaintive melody of traditional Portuguese fado. Flickering like a candle caressed by the wind, the sound of Bill’s flute enchants the listener, right from the opening few bars. And following this tender opening comes a whirlwind of samba rhythms combined with hip-hop vocals and yet more flawless flute improvisation on “If I Stay With You”. Just these two opening tracks portray the scope of moods in the music awaiting you on the rest of this album!…” (LEONID AUSKERN,

“…A fine album! I look forward to playing the tracks on Stolen Moments!...” (DAVID BASSKIN, Jazz.FM91, Canada's premier jazz station)

“…Drawing inspiration from Brazilian samba, maracatú, forró and choro, Bill McBirnie and Bruce Jones create a fresh, unique, seductive and focused sound…Although each of the fourteen pieces has its own identity, they share a consistency that could easily be perceived as a discourse on one continuous thought…” (RAUL DA GAMA, Latin Jazz Network)

“…McBirnie fits into this style of music perfectly as he demonstrates remarkable power and control. He is a superb soloist. As I listened to this CD, over and over again, I noticed how fluid all the arrangements were. The whole album flows, from one moment to the next…” (DAVID SWIDERSKI,

“…Bill McBirnie and Bruce Jones blend a delightful taste of jazz with soul to deliver a thoroughly compelling performance…From the production level, to the musicianship, to the mind-blowing flute solos, “Grain of Sand” delivers in grand fashion…” (CHRIS JACQUIN, Rock n’ Roll View) 

“…This record really excited me because it’s outside the realm of our typical submissions, but even more so because this Extreme Flute album has kept my spirits high, my mind focused, and my mood uplifted for the past couple of weeks…” (JOSHUA SMOTHERMAN, Middle Tennessee Music)

“…The strategic interweaving of melody and impressive flute performances are an absolute delight…” (NICK KOTTENSTETTE, 

“This CD is wonderful! BRAVO!” (PAULA ROBISON, Distinguished American Classical Flute Soloist)