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About "Basundhara | The Earth"
A Danish Classical violinist from Copenhagen, an Israeli Jazz pianist from Boston and an Indian classical singer from Switzerland made music together miles away and remotely from their home during the most difficult time of 2020.

Year 2019 and contd., life suddenly became strange, difficult and lonely. Everybody wanted a hope and an inspiration to hold on to life.
Our song 'BASUNDHARA' is an imagination of a beautiful morning with all its elements in place; blooming, shining and living life happily''

Bijayashree, Moshe and Andreas met at Studios La Fabrique, France during the recording of 'Same Sky', a music album by Beyond Music and produced by Grammy winning producer Larry Klein with 23 artists from all over world.

Language: Hindi
Genre: World music
Influences: Indian, Jazz, Classical
Bijayashree Samal - composition, vocals
Moshe Elmakias - arrangement, piano
Andreas Bernitt - violin
℗ 2020 Bijayashree Samal
Released by CD Baby 2021

Video Credits
Bijayashree Samal – ideas, video*
iAdi - Editing and compositing
Nandighosha Group (Switzerland) - camera & direction
*Star Video – Josu Relax (CC license)
*Bird Video – Pexels Videos (CC license)

℗2021Bijayashree Samal