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Bb Blue's
Genres: afro juju roots symphonies
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Hello, thanks for your efforts towards our cultural Carrier, I'm bb blue's, from Africa . sound writer, music , studios ingennier , and lead guitarist.

I'll be proud to gain this platform to promote my musical projects, on Live performances , and generate fund's to achieve and assistance to the singles mother's under ages, and single children's of Africa

. For this to happens, I'll likecomposers to drawn you're attention over the hugely impacts of your involvement, ......from now goings, I'll uploads my audio demos and some of my lives performance evidence's, for your appreciation s. .

My music concepts its the result of a Long workshops, on afro beat's, beside his Eminent Mr Fela Kuti of Nigeria.... As a natives of Cameroon, travelling to Nigeria was just the next doors, back in the date's, to day, I'm holding the juju music concepts heritages, after back this Majestic man on Lead Guitars , and vocals that's was from 1990, till earliest 1995. The concept of this musicals genres its a combination of the blues, the jazz, the soul, and Africans roots percussion s

This is a real world musical sauces, made of ethnographic symphonies in fusions, that's the musical medicine, the (juju) music..thanks again for all.