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About "Me Dirés Que Sí Remix"
Atabal retoma la canción Me Dirás Que Sí ahora destacándose Amor De Jesús junto a Caymmi. Esta plena mantiene el toque del requinto lento y cadencioso.
Atabal presents a remix of Me Dirás Que Sí (You will say yes) with Amor De Jesus sharing the lead along side Caymmi Rodriguez. It's a smooth and sultry plena.

Grupo ATABAL (or just ATABAL) plays Afro Puerto Rican music emphasizing contemporary plena and bomba. 37 years performing throughout Puerto Rico and internationally. Under the influence of Caymmi Rodriguez, singer, percussionist and Hector Atabal Rodriguez's son, the group has taken on a rich percussion sound - traditional bomba but with a modern pop sound. Many of the group's newest songs are ... more
plena, bomba, fusion
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