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About "Astrolabe - Sweet Almonds"
Sweet Almonds
Music: Krzysia Gorniak
Lyrics: Rui Teles

"Sweet Almonds" is is a new single released by international group Astrolabe, announcing the release of the first album. It's a warm bossa nova with a Portuguese feeling, which is a memory of happy summer days. It is a story about searching for love, about sailing under the stars, between seas full of emotions. About how love can mess up our lives and how we can really enjoy it, if we don't analyze it too much.

"Sweet Almonds" keeps the holiday sun and chill in us. In the rhythms of bossa nova, with the ocean-deep voice of the Portuguese vocalist Rui Teles, with the original sounds of Krzysia Górniak's guitar and Olga Barey's warm vocals, you can perfectly relax.
The photos for the music video were shot in Hel and Masuria together with the great Laola Team film crew.