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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
United States
August 08/06/19, 2019
Cupid Blindfolded by Michael Whalen -- Solo Piano -- Back to Basics

The music of healing and survival, romance, meditation, and perfection. What you will hear is entirely instrumental but every note tells a story with a reverent lingering familiarity. Precisely articulated emotions, the story is told in the notes and the space between the notes. Hear a man with gifted fingers and a piano, the perfect heartfelt connection. The songs are peaceful, packed full of romance and yearning, seeking love in all the right places, carefully, note by note; true, slow, and thoughtful. Let your tension evaporate in this cool resting place. Let your mind return to the oldest mysteries of the heart.

Romantic, contemplative and dreamy, Cupid Blindfolded is a 10-song album filled with the gorgeous melodies and air that has made Whalen an internationally-celebrated recording artist and film composer. Recorded, mixed and mastered earlier this spring by Tom Eaton at Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios, Cupid Blindfolded was recorded on the studio’s famed Steinway B in single, full takes without editing, while being simultaneously filmed by 6 cameras; Whalen debuted a mini-documentary called “The Making of Cupid Blindfolded” for his fans in May.

“Making this album is the fulfillment of a dream and it represents a wonderful new era for my music,” Whalen commented. “I am so excited about partnering with Real Music on Solace. Having my own imprint label is a dream come true. The name Solace says everything you need to know about the intention of the music. After decades of creating recordings and content on my own, I am so happy to have a team of great people to create with, collaborate with and plan the future with. Cupid Blindfolded is the first of some really exciting music we’ve planned. I can’t wait!”

The New York Times once wrote, “Michael Whalen’s music echoes in your soul...” and his return to solo piano is already resonating with music writers. Kathy Parsons of, who interviewed Whalen extensively in June, shared her opinion, writing “With his first purely solo piano album since 1999, Michael Whalen returns to his “unplugged” roots and pours his heart into every note. Cupid Blindfolded will certainly stand as one of the best albums of the year as well as one of the best piano albums of the decade.”




Track List:

1. “Cupid Blindfolded” (4:05)

2. “All Of My Heart. All Of My Soul” (4:10)

3. “Reflection Of My Affection” (3:56)

4. “Sunrise in the Desert” (3:59)

5. “The Muse” (3:56)

6. “At The Touch Of A Lover” (3:09)

7. “Standing in the Rain” (5:04)

8. “Serendipity” (4:38)

9. “Isle Of Skye” (4:26)

10. “City Of Lights” (5:15)


About Michael Whalen: Known for his beautiful melodies and gorgeous textures, Michael has fused his expertise with sound design and his love of soaring cinematic melodies into a unique sound that has been loved since his first commercially-released music on Narada (Universal) in 1993. Michael is an expert on music copyrights, music monetization and is seen frequently on panels and on-line talking about the future of the music business. Michael has been adjunct professor at the Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York, NYU, The New School and now teaches at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.