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May 05/15/15, 2015
Bossa´n Soul - Allex Guedes

"Bossa'n Soul"
Allex Guedes

The song that names the album, "Bossa 'n Soul," is hardly a self-portrait, but it certainly is a photograph of the moment in the life of the artist Allex Guedes. Musical experiences outskirts of Rio de Janeiro to arising Music ripening closer contact with the bossa nova genre and the jazzy design, registration allows us to see it in the center of your home studio, between internet searches and harmony studies, now the keyboard. Without losing sight and earshot of the Jackson family CDs and other exponents of soul music, national and international, with no escape at hand the old cup of coffee and without losing a hand in dose of daring and adventurous spirit, singer-songwriter Allex Guedes flirts with elements of the image that you describe, soaked in a guise of sophisticated lounge over there.
Highlighting the authentic bossa Rio South Zone "Good Fire", composition and arrangement of the musician Fernando Corona. A beautiful fusion of swing dance and charm the most lilting samba court. Perfect fit interpreter to asking the whim of arrangement, in balance and good taste. Closing the album, Allex subtly makes the show a pop rock vein, recalling the days of his former band Holy portals, in the song "What makes you happy."

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