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He was born in Thessaloniki , he comes from Kastoria with roots from Epirus .General studies at Classical Philology and non general ones at music .Classic guitar , ivolved in music scenes and then in 2008 here comes the first award in the Music Song Festival in Thessaloniki with the song ''Fantastic Tango''.Later backstage a production company named ''CLOSART.acts''and a vivid cultural activity in Kastoria.Regural articles's writing for both written and on line press .Founding member of the ''diadrasis'' body a youngsters volunteering group against the internet addiction.For the last two years he has been running into somewhere between Cyprus and Greece , completing at the same time his first solo full album , two books and a music fairytale for children.He believes in the impossible , so he may eventually sap the possible.

@Kinisan ta karavia ta Kastoriana, Astiki mousiki paradosi Kastorias, 2012 Myisis
@Megali Agkalia , Debut album, 2016 AMS , Thessaloniki GR
@O kyrios xronos kai oi filoi tou, kid music book, 2016 Printzone
@O psifidwtos ippokampos, Poems for Cyprus, 2016 Pafos
@Kalokairi kai kastoria, 19 syggrafeis-poihmata kai peza, 2016
@Mikroi Syggrafeis, Logotexnia apo paidia, Ministry of Education CY, 2018 , Pafos
@Indiko Giasemi , Anna Balaska, 2019 MLK

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