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May 05/01/13, 2013
AULAGA FOLK en The Celtic Crier California EEUU This time from California USA The Celtic Crier portal echoes the work of AULAGA FOLK and incorporates a link to its website Extremadura group.

The website The Celtic Crier was founded by Billy Lee of California.
Bronson Marcene Maine, joined the team to help with website design and procurement and research of new groups to form the website.
For some time here have developed a podcast called Celtic Fusion, is organized and directed by JD McEwans Ohio.
We do website due to our love for Celtic music and our pride in our Celtic heritage.
The official portal is




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Formed in 1999, Aulaga Folk aim to restore and disseminate popular music tradition of Extremadura in particular and the general folk. In his records DESDE EL AMBROZ A NUESTRA MANERA (2002) NO ES MALA LEÑA (2005) have made ​​a commitment and responsibility that traditional music reaches a wide audience of all ages, so that older feel and see their heritage / musical and younger understan... more
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