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About "Hugadem"
HUGADEM, (The Absolute is married to me).
The Absolute is married to me. In all my wretchedness, the Absolutes got married to me. Despite all my confusion…., the Absolute got married to me. There are lots of beautiful queens, rich people and young energetic men and yet, the absolute got married to me. If truly, the Absolute got married to me, then the Absolutes words should manifest, The absolute should reveal his mysteries to me, He should open my eyes, ears and lift me up high to become the embodiment of universal law and order.

Africa-rooted band Agorsor makes high-energy, spirit-filled music, overflowing with free-flowing vocals, innovative instrumental harmonies and contagious rhythms, all inspired by the vibrant sounds and emotions of Africa. The band is guided by graceful singer, fine artist and dancer Nyornuwofia Agorsor (vocals, songwriting), whose acrobatic voice and movements are enhanced by talented instrumen... more
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