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How to use EthnoCloud

World Music platform for Artists, Agents, Labels, Event Organizers, Media, Industry Professionals and Music Lovers.
Promote your artists
Create a profile as Agent, Manager or Label and add artists under your account. Manage your artist accounts - upload tracks and videos, write blogs and indicate where your artists' music can be purchased. Your profile and your artist profiles will be visible to thousands of world music fans and industry professionals.
Contact industry professionals
Get in touch with Event Organizers and arrange for your atists to perform at their events. Reach out to Labels & Agents to form professional relationships. Get in touch with Journalists & Media and let them know about your artists' latest projects. Find new talent to add to your artist roster.
Climb the World Music Charts
Upload your artists' music to EthnoCloud. The more their music gets played, the higher they will climb on EthnoCloud's Top 40 World Music Charts.