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EthnoCloud Latin Dance Videos    

The following list contains randomly selected music based on your selection and will change over time. To browse all music on EthnoCloud click here. All tracks and videos are uploaded by the artists on EthnoCloud or their representatives. If you like a track, please consider purchasing it from the artist.


Latin Dance Videos

The list contains 14 randomly selected videos.
Home Sweet Home
by Ccippo
(United Kingdom)
Ccippo - Home Sweet Home
Influence: African , Latin American
Genre: samba
Orquestra Bamba Social & Tiago Nacarato - "Diz que fui por aí"
Bamba Social - Orquestra Bamba Social & Tiago Nacarato -
Echoo Balkan Samba - Pazar
Echoo Balkan Samba - Echoo Balkan Samba - Pazar
Influence: Balkan
Genre: balkan samba
Gema Corredera & Descemer Bueno
(United States)
Gema Corredera - Gema Corredera & Descemer Bueno
Influence: Latin American
Jobarteh Kunda-Donde estas
Jobarteh Kunda - Jobarteh Kunda-Donde estas
Influence: Latin American , African
Genre: bachata dance
Fullgas (Marina Lima & Antônio Cícero)
Lu Horta - Fullgas (Marina Lima & Antônio Cícero)
Kruzenshtern i parohod - predposlednya-ya
Kruzenshtern I Parohod - Kruzenshtern i parohod - predposlednya-ya
Influence: Jewish