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The Hills Listening to Kate Bush Running Up That Hill and her huge Chart Success again so many years later only inspires you to keep progressing what you do. The last couple of years have been tough. Family is everything. The trials of looking after a loved one through a debilitating illness overshadows everything else. Strangely the tough times inspire the creation of new lyrics which eventually become great songs. I have always been the eternal optimist and following The Wedding of my beloved Eldest Daughter in Ibiza and a find my self again break in my beloved Wicklow Hills I am going once more back to the art that never leaves me and always draws me back.
I hope everyone enjoys the new music I am releasing now and next month. Life needs more smiling faces.
James Favron Heats up the Summer with \ Multi-talented singer, rapper and musician James Favron currently finds himself thriving in the city of Hamilton, ON, where his love for hip-hop, street fashion, and dreaming big have been revived following years of personal hardships that needed to be endured and ultimately, overcame, in order to truly find himself as an artist.

Favron’s newest single remixes his track “Better Days,” featuring a verse from fellow Hamiltonian LTtheMonk. The duo intentionally kept the musical backdrop as simple as possible, while giving it enough movement and build to not get boring. Keeping it to the same chord progression front-to-back gave them the opportunity to play with their lyrics in the verses and allow the words to move the listener along rather than the chords.

Watch and Listen here:
Etamine Shares Intricate Single \ Étamine is the electronic music collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Brock Geiger and Ian Jarvis. Having spent the past 15 years performing, composing and recording in a multitude of settings, the duo have collectively contributed to over thirty records and played shows around the globe with their respective projects, Raleigh and Chairs.

Their bouncy, first single, “AntiBlue,” was written remotely, but collaboratively through recording and sending sessions and ideas to each other from their respective studios in Montreal and Calgary.

The goal for this song production-wise was to have it feel like the song cuts off abruptly and all of a sudden everything’s in slow motion, like suddenly you're in this halftime daze. As if you're going along with your life thinking everything’s great and all of a sudden BAM the whole rhythm of your life is thrown off and you're trapped in this dizzying dream world.

“Like most of the songs on this album, we were trying to create a sonic atmosphere in which one could escape their everyday life,” says Ian. “In this case, it was the mundane reality of social isolation. The production was meant to be immersive – we want to transport the listener to another world.”

Listen and Watch here:
2022 BU Global Music Festival The 2022 BU Global Music Festival will be held outdoors on Saturday, September 17th from Noon to 9:30 pm on the Boston University Charles River Campus - 270 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215.

The BU Global Music Festival is a free, family-friendly event at Boston University. This year’s festival line-up includes some high-energy powerhouses that will throw down a party: Mexican marimba-punk band Son Rompe Pera (Boston debut) to Malawian street musician duo Madalitso (Boston debut) playing home-made instruments; and the three-time winner of the second largest carnival in Latin America Bazurto All Stars (Boston debut), a serious powerhouse party band hailing from Colombia. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, we have a few who are exploring their folkloric and traditional sounds: Indonesian percussion/dance troupe Saung Budaya; Yamma Ensemble (Boston debut) that weaves together musical styles from Jewish diasporas across the Mediterranean and the Middle East; and Kingfisher Singers and Dancers, who will be representing the Indigenous Wampanoag voices from our very own region. Somewhere in the middle are the quirky trad-electro-pop duo Puluup (Boston debut) from Estonia and the Ethiopian trad-experimental quintet Qwanqwa (Boston debut), both of whom manage to combine vernacular styles with experimental modern sounds to generate their own unique sounds. (Photo: Bazurto All Stars)
The Southwest region of North America is full of breathtaking scenery, barren rocks juxtaposed in desert wilderness, great-walled stone canyons, blending cowboy influences with Mexican and Spanish traditions. Renowned pianist/composer Elizabeth Naccarato’s A Southwest Story draws you into this scenic world with her consistently calm, sensitive and well-arranged album of instrumental music with a bright Southwestern flavor. Each composition is a concentrated gem on a topic related to the broad area known as the Southwest.

One might say Elizabeth Naccarato is a romantic. She is known to compose entire albums when a place and its people speak to her soul. Produced by Michael Gettel, an exciting pianist and composer in his own right, the works range from solo piano to contemporary instrumental piano pieces accented by guitar, bass, violin, mandolin, percussion and accordion. Featured performers include Leon Christian (guitar and bass) and Nancy Rumbel (Native flute and English horn). Naccarato composed and arranged the genre-defying album, with the exceptions of "The Spanish Dance No. 2" by Enrique Granados, and "Fandango" by Federico Moreno Torroba.

Early singles "Dusk" and "Sacred Land" convey the stunning pastel sunsets, and the physical beauty of the land between Ute Mountain and Mt. Blanca, which is said to be sacred. Rumbel's Native American flute adds a hauntingly beautiful quality to "Shrine of the Stations of the Cross" an homage to San Luis' spiritual attraction of the same name. People visit from all over the world to seek its solace and to take in the breathtaking views on this trail of bronze sculptures (from 3/4 to life size, representing the 15 stations of the cross), which are positioned along a trail on a mesa in the center of San Luis.

"From whimsical tunes to waltzes to classical covers of Spanish composers to reverent pieces honoring religious traditions of old, and slow dreamy solo piano sequences reflecting on the region’s beauty and the natural elements, A Southwest Story offers a relaxing and uplifting 'auralscape' to a fascinating place," wrote Lissette Cascante, of the Auralscapes music blog and podcast.

Favoring the album's more classical influences, Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano) wrote “ favorite piece on the album (“Flower Moon”), Chopin's influence can definitely be heard in the graceful nature of the music. Ahhhh!”

A native Texan, Naccarato began her piano studies at the age of six at the Dominican Convent in Houston. She won her first piano competition at the age of nine and performed and competed in local and statewide events; later, she was a Piano Performance major at the University of Southern California where she earned her degree, and was a three-time winner of the Hollywood Alumni S.A.I Scholarship as well as a highly-coveted Teaching Assistantship in graduate school. She joined the Annie Wright Schools faculty in 1999 and has been an affiliate faculty at The University of Puget Sound since 1989. Much of her instruction is in piano and voice, but she also has directed dozens of regional theater presentations of plays and musicals.

San Luis, Colorado, is a very old town with the Stations of the Cross being one of the main focal points, and the opening track, "San Luis" (4:42) has a nostalgic sweet sad feeling, a familiar sounding traditional song given tender treatment, piano seasoned with guitar and mandolin.

The Spanish reintroduced the horse to the Americas, beginning in the late 15th century, free-roaming herds evolved in North America, struggling with the harsh climate. "Wild Horses" (2:58) has a very Spanish feeling, violin behind the piano with just a hint of percussion, feel the horses glide through the landscape.

To the oldest inhabitants of the Southwestern desert regions, respect for nature comes from a deep connection to the land; to the European way of seeing the world, the land is a commercial resource given by God for men to develop and yield wealth. Both experience the stillness, vastness, and harsh beauty and sense the importance of finding a necessary balance. The piano melody and violin joins and the melody weaves the story of the land, opening a more detailed lamentation of the history of the territory, "Sacred Land" (5:08) reminds us that sacred places strengthen the earth’s biological and cultural diversity, inspiring reverence for land and cultural diversity, and connect nature and culture.

"Mi Hito, No!" (4:12) has a traditional feeling, sad stories are the most compelling. Time to dance the cha cha cha, congas and hand percussion with piano and violin. Next, "Fandango" (1:48) features piano with fancy classical Spanish guitar thrills and sparkles. The Fandango is a lively partner dance originating from Portugal and Spain, two male dancers face each other, dancing and tap-dancing one at a time, showing which has the most lightness and repertoire of feet in motion, swift changes in the tap-dancing, seeing which one of them makes the feet transitions more eye-catching. The word fandango is sometimes also used as a synonym for "a quarrel", "a big fuss", or "a brilliant exploit."

Now for a romantic instrumental tale, "Brown Eyes" (4:12), a drum set with cymbals, accordion, castanets and glockenspiel joins the piano, celebrating the calm patience enduring the metallic brightness of a hot sun. "Spanish Dance No. 2 by Granados" (5:25) is a slow dance with lots of colorful fabrics, sad and rich with a quiet feeling, gentle as a breeze of spring. The hot, soft wind of the desert kisses our faces, all around the horizon bare volcanic peaks burn into the blue. Sometimes a whirlwind of dust travels rapidly over the plain, making one ponder what would happen should it gyrate into the vachtoe. "La Sierra" (4:38) is an ode to the mountains in the distance and forever, a range of mountains especially with a serrated or irregular outline. The sound is quiet and full, along with the piano, chimes shiver in a breeze.

The Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross, also known as the Way of Sorrows or the Via Crucis, refers to a series of images and sculptures depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion and accompanying prayers. There is a famous Stations of the Cross Shrine located in Colorado's oldest town, San Luis, Colorado. Huberto Maestas was the sculptor for all of the statues. "Shrine of the Stations of the Cross" (3:33) is a sacred story, featuring piano and flute.

Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra, and lies at a vertex of a widely spaced asterism called the Summer Triangle, which consists of Vega plus the two first-magnitude stars Altair, in Aquila, and Deneb in Cygnus. "The Vega" (4:31) is a piano solo with a deliciously lighter sensation, invoking the Southwest's beautiful skies.

The sun is setting with all its melancholy splendor, "Dusk" (4:08) is a tribute to the end of the day, and the beginning of the night, piano and guitar are joined by a violin as the light becomes a rainbow magnified even beyond dreams, a thing not transparent and ethereal, but solidified, a work of ages, sweeping up majestically from the red walls, its iris-hued arch against the blue sky.

The single “Dusk”

The cowboy has deep historical roots tracing back to Spain and the earliest European settlers of the Americas. A cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other ranch-related tasks. The "cowboy code" of Gene Autry encouraged honorable behavior, mutual respect and patriotism. Dance was an important social activity in the Old West and the level of social skill was generally high. Men and women take turns sharing the pulse of the dance, couples moving in a circular motion across the floor. The track "Cowboy's Waltz" (3:30) features a full dancehall feeling with hand percussion, high hat and accordian.

"Flower Moon" (3:36) is a piano solo that closes A Southwest Story, a lovely portrait of the full moon in May. The Flower Moon is named after the abundant flowers that grow in the spring. Native Americans called it the Budding Moon, Egg Laying Moon, and Planting Moon. The Celtic and Old English names are Mothers’ Moon, Bright Moon, Hare Moon, and Grass Moon.

The Southwest is the hottest and driest region in the United States, where the availability of water has defined its landscapes and history of human settlement. The Southwest landscape is a dry climate with sparse grass, thus large herds of cattle requiring vast amounts of land to obtain sufficient forage gave rise to the development of the horseback-mounted vaquero traditions of northern Mexico. It is a strange land, a desert overgrown with strange soft-tinted weeds, “salt weeds,” pink, red, green, gray, blue, purple; the rich-green yellow-flowering greasewood; odd cacti, and all manner of thorn bearing bushes, haunted by its loneliness and silence and beauty. It appears endless, a strange world of colossal shafts and buttes of rock, magnificently sculptured, standing isolated and aloof, dark, weird, and lonely.

Therein lies the joy, sweet and also vague, the secret of the wonderful sensations of strange familiarity with wild places. The origins of the cowboy tradition come from Spain, beginning with the hacienda system of medieval Spain. These hearty pioneers of the Southwest interacted with and relied on an unfamiliar environment, utilizing storytelling in order to pass on memory, spark imagination, and make sense of their relationship to this harsh earth.

A native Texan, Elizabeth began her piano studies at the age of six at the Dominican Convent in Houston. She won her first piano competition at the age of nine and performed and competed in local and statewide events. Elizabeth was a Piano Performance major at the University of Southern California where she earned her degree, and was a three-time winner of the Hollywood Alumni S.A.I Scholarship as well as a highly-coveted Teaching Assistantship in graduate school. She joined the Annie Wright Schools faculty in 1999 and has been an affiliate faculty at The University of Puget Sound since 1989. Much of her instruction is in piano and voice, but she also has directed dozens of regional theater presentations of plays and musicals. Elizabeth Naccarato’s previous recordings are Jarrell’s Cove (inspired by the coastline of Puget Sound near Seattle and produced by pianist Michael Gettel), North Sycamore (named for a street in West Los Angeles where she spent an early stage of her career, with special guests oboist Nancy Rumbel and saxophonist Richard Warner), Stone Cottage (inspired by a special residence with a wild garden), One Piano (a collaboration with Gettel), History (combining some of her best work with both new and live performances), Souvenir d’Italia which was inspired by one of her favorite places, and now A Southwest Story, a tribute to the Southwestern part of the United States of America.

This newest album enhances the vision of the growing collection of exquisite piano interpretations of various aspects of specific locations and contexts, as well as life itself. Elizabeth Naccarato has achieved a noteworthy translation of the spirit of the land, its cultural history and the flavors and elemental aspects. Each note fits into a magnificent audio portrait of the Southwest, from the environment to how it feels to be there, a hot sun, spirits in the canyons, the languages and religious iconography are included in the melodies and musical forms.

Previous recordings by Naccarato include Jarrell’s Cove, North Sycamore, Stone Cottage, One Piano (a collaboration with Gettel), History, and Souvenir d’Italia, all available through her official website and

Naccarato is preparing to announce upcoming live performances for this Fall 2022; watch her website and social media for the cities, dates and ticket links.

Music fans can link to buy or stream A Southwest Story from their favorite platform here:

1 San Luis (4:42)
2 Wild Horses (2:58)
3 Sacred Land (5:08)
4 Mi Hito, No! (4:12)
5 Fandango (1:48)
6 Brown Eyes (4:12)
7 Spanish Dance No. 2 by Granados (5:25)
8 La Sierra (4:38)
9 Shrine of the Stations of the Cross (3:33)
10 The Vega (4:31)
11 Dusk (4:08)
12 Cowboy's Waltz (3:30)
13 Flower Moon (3:36)

SOMBRA Intrigues with \ SOMBRA is music to turn the lights off to. For music that is created in total depravity of the outside world, SOMBRA’s brooding sound has a surprisingly celestial quality. A fusion of dance-worthy Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Industrial Pop and Indie, yet at the same time completely indefinable, Matthew Cataldo of SOMBRA has created a signature sound that has caught the attention of music lovers and tastemakers alike.

His new single, “PYRAMIDES,” is his first release after a long break, and is a surprisingly uplifting and lyrically meaningful track. Following a climb of Mt. Fuji with some friends, Matthew felt a sense of enlightenment and happiness, despite being forced to give up and turn back before reaching the summit.

More than just his physical struggle to climb a mountain, “PYRAMIDES” is about his mental health journey, which has always been a key part of SOMBRA and his musical inspiration and drives. His experience at Mt. Fuji was the first time he gave up, but didn’t feel awful about it. It just felt like the right thing to do – to relinquish control.

Listen and watch here:

“The weird thing about Fuji is that, once you get above the tree line – you can see the top of the mountain the entire time you’re climbing,” says Cataldo. “The end is always in sight. This makes it such a spiritually challenging climb. I got ¾ to the top of the mountain – unable to continue climbing, legs destroyed and soul completely defeated. The idea for the song, and some of the first lyrics come out of this disappointment.”
Chris Baluyut\'s New Single \ New York City’s own Chris Baluyut has been surrounded by music since birth. His father, uncle, and godmother are in a band called Versus, and another of his uncles started the indie-rock/math-rock band {Plus/Minus}. “They were hip,” Chris says. “My parents had me when they were young. I remember the three B’s, Björk, Beck, and Built to Spill being played all the time in my house growing up.” From elementary school through high school, family members would bring Chris to gigs all around NYC. At 14, inspired by the classic rock and indie rock playing in his house, Chris started playing guitar, and eventually played a show with Versus when he was still in high school.

It’s no wonder that Chris has taken up music. While he never made music his sole focus, he did sing and play music in college. However, his backpacking trip through Europe and living in Tokyo is what made him realize his talent and he started to take his music more seriously. After living there for 5 years, he’s ready to make roots in New York City and is ready to release new music, the first time since 2018.

His new single, “Winter, Wait,” is a dreamy electro-pop song that emulates a simultaneous feeling of heaviness and lightness. It has a presence that's hard to explain in words, but ultimately it's about the highs and lows of life. The music really explores that theme with sections that feel more upbeat than others. It’s part of a series of singles, the third and final that showcases his expanding skill set beyond folk and folktronica with textured synths, layered ambience, vocal effects, and harmonies.

"'Winter, Wait' is about managing the passage of time through both the high points and low points of my life," shares Chris. "The exhilarating, joyous, and love-filled moments of my life feel so fleeting and seem to pass in an instant, while the somber, dark, low points feel like they linger and last forever. This song is about doing my best to stay present and appreciate those peaks when they come, as well as waiting out the storm through hard times and knowing that ultimately, those will pass too."

Listen here:
VENNA  Takes Us to \ VENNA is the new vision of Edmonton-based indie alt-pop artist, Shay Esposito. At the age of 15, VENNA (then Shay Esposito) was the youngest recipient of the Rawlco Radio 10k/20 grant. At 16, she recorded and released her first album, For Annie.
Exercising her passion for evocative lyricism, “Nirvana” is about using somebody to perpetuate self-abuse. Inspired by the concept of masochism as a defense mechanism, it’s about choosing to continue an unhealthy relationship because gratification provides a sense of control.

Listen in here:

Pulling inspiration from classic poets, fantasy literature, and countless powerful women bringing “anti-pop” to the mainstream, her music serves to provoke thought and emotion; as an aspiring author as well, she takes great care in crafting her lyrics to this end.
!! NEW MUSIC from TapRoots !! Hey there TapRoots fans,

We have just released our first new music in over 3 years. TapRoots has been busy over the pandemic writing a new album, and the first track, Song for the Ocean, has finally been released. Check it out and let us know what you think!

It is a song dedicated to the yoruba orisha of the Sea, Yemaya. Come join in celebrating this new Summer track from TapRoots!
Gedalya explores unity in newest release The Folk-Rock Rabbi’s latest release, ‘Needle and Thread’ aims to connect people with different backgrounds by recognizing their similarities

NEW YORK (July 10, 2022) — Gedalya, the New York based musician known for his infectious melodies and positive, lyrics is pleased to announce the release of his latest single Needle and Thread.

The song explores the connection between all people and how understanding can bring unity to those that otherwise would face conflict.

“Underneath our different exteriors, we are all connected spiritually,” Gedalya said. “Needle and Thread challenges my listeners to see past what is driving them individually and recognize the similarities that bring us together.”

“Our souls are sewn together with the same needle and thread,” he sings in the chorus in a recognition that the pain and difficulties everyone faces should bring us together instead of tearing people apart.

And he hopes the song can help people achieve that desire.

“Too often, we pursue our needs while viewing the world only through the lens of our personal experiences,” Gedalya said. “But what goes unrecognized is that underneath it all, we are all cut from the same spiritual cloth, and if we accept in our hearts no matter our differences, deep down we share far more than we don’t, we will live more fulfilling and rewarding lives. This song is a recognition and a celebration of what we share.”

The song also fits into the mission of A New Song USA, a not-for-profit organization that promotes music with a positive message. The organization was founded by Gedalya, who serves as director alongside his musical performances and recording.

“With A New Song USA, I want to encourage artists and fans to find the most rewarding parts of their lives and share them with others,” Gedalya said. “The music we promote is a way to do precisely that.”

For more about Gedalya, visit
Danny Echo Unveils Astounding New Release \ Vancouver-based musician Danny Echo combines brit-pop melodies, classic rock vocals with the alt-pop excitement of a SpaceX launch.

Locked up and locked down during a particularly rainy night endlessly scrolling and clicking, Echo’s new single “Zeros and Ones” took shape on an acoustic guitar. Drawing comparisons between the weather and online world. A dystopian yet sanguine look of our modern civilization today, through the coded eyes of the internet.

Watch the video here:

Having embraced a number of projects and collaborations, including The Ryecatchers, Clementine, The Walk-Ins, and The Swimming Hammers, his debut solo single “Tomorrow Today” recorded with Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter) and mixed by Mike Fraser (ACDC, Mother Mother) gained notoriety on local radio stations. After that initial spark, two solo albums followed.

Shades Lawrence  Shares a Message of Hope on \ Shades Lawrence is a Montreal-born, queer hip hop artist of mixed British, Jamaican, Irish and Scottish heritage. A pure lyricist, Lawrence’s style can be described as alternative hip hop. Her words uplift, while keeping environmental justice at the forefront.

“Peace, that’s what we need,” raps Lawrence on her new single released on the heels of 2022 full-length album, Trust Takes Time. “Peace” directly names the Russian government’s invasion of the Ukraine, and urges the global community to negotiate for peace.

Listen in here:

Stun Debuts Strong New Release \ Stun is an award winning Canadian indigenous hip hop artist from Oxford House, Manitoba. Leaning toward his most prominent project yet, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous is the third installment toward the hip hop artist’s catalog, with a lead single titled “Indigenous” set to take the airwaves across turtle island.

It was the end of 2019. Stun was feeling optimistic, having dropped an album that summer and he felt the need to keep pushing his momentum with performances and writing sessions. And the idea of the song “Indigenous” came into place when he’d seen what was happening in the world – especially the protests and the ongoing call for the missing and murdered. It was right in his face at many stages. He felt pain, but also a sense of confidence because he wanted people to feel like they could get up and do something about it. And then the song blossomed into his lap.

Watch and listen here:

With the new album, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous, Stun is hoping that people can get a more in-depth sense of his culture and an indefinite experience of what happens in his life. He wants them to feel love, passion and pride – in other words, a great understanding of the lifestyles of the fresh & indigenous.

Stun wanted to toss in both sides of his life: the emotional side and the indigenous side with a little bit of bravado incorporated into it. It’s not your typical storyline album, it’s more of a collection of stuff he was feeling and going through at the time.
World Song Contest Is Looking For New Players Hello to all the creative, crafty, ethereal, nice, human beings on this platform!!

In case you have time to join an online music forum which hosts little song contests, where members suggest songs, listen to all songs and vote for top ten, please let me know (by posting here or in private message - if that function exists lol).

Of course, if you're author/performer of the song, you can promote yourself, but at the end of the day, you have to vote for your top ten songs of that month :D

It's called World Forum Song Contest (WFSC) and only countries which are not in Eurovision can take part.

Songs from the following countries are already taken for the WFSC July edition: Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Japan, Libya, Mali, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Palestine, Rwanda, Thailand, US Virgin islands & Venezuela. Meaning, if you wanna join WFSC July, you can play with another song from another country.

I'll start the contest on weekend, so if you have time, will & wanna listen to some good music, let me know soon. The music is mostly world music, so I'll give you a recap of some older editions for you to listen to:

That'd be all from me, thanks and take care!!


Dear Daria\'s \'Can I Be Frank?\' is the Sound from the 90\'s We All Love Maryjo Mattea, Joshua Hunter, Eamonn Donnelly, and Dan Abh are Dear Daria, the rising indie pop rock band from DC. This four piece band was formed by Maryjo Mattea, starting out as her solo band. However, this group felt more than just a backing band. The quartet played their last show as The Maryjo Mattea band in January 2020, and started playing as Dear Daria between February and March of 2020. Due to COVID-19, Dear Daria had to write and record songs remotely. Their spirit is a myriad of classic pop culture references like the MTV animated series Daria, Wayne's World, John Hughes movies, The Pixies, The Beatles and a vast assortment of other bands, movies and television shows.

Dear Daria released their debut album 'Can I Be Frank?,' which has hits like “John Hughes,” an ode to the director, “Best Life,” about living your best life in the now, and “Delaware,” a song inspired by their love for the film Wayne’s World. Their music holds the energy of The Pixies and guitar tones and drums of Paramore with The Beatles-eque melodic bass lines. Dear Daria’s sound is a nostalgic hit of the 90’s.

“'Can I Be Frank?' is essentially a two-part record. Half the record was written in the midst of a musically inspired summer," Maryjo remarked. “... which is reflected in the celebratory, living-in-the-moment vibes of tracks ‘Best Life,’ and ‘Delaware.’” The other half of the album was written at the beginning of the pandemic. Parts were “swapped back and forth digitally.” There were many difficulties recording remotely, causing setbacks and delays. However many setbacks prolonged the release of Can I Be Frank? Maryjo, Joshua, Eamonn, and Dan had a “collective desire to share these songs with the world.”

Dear Daria’s 'Can I Be Frank?' is the pop punk soundtrack to Summer ‘22. It takes the story telling aspect of Paramore’s lyrics, and puts them to The Donnas-esque rhythms and melodies. Maryjo’s vocals are reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordan’s of The Cranberries. All nine tracks have the energy of all three bands, and possess the vibe of Rilo Kiley. Can I Be Frank? is the perfect balance of authenticity and humor.

Listen here:
Changed World Miz Sally? Hugo senior, when he became a fan of the Beatles, never anticipated that one day Hugo Jr. would be composing music similar to the Beatle's songs. Even more incredible is the ability to master songs at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded their biggest hits.

"Miz Sally" is the second single from Ali Hugo's new album "Home Boy." The song is a sort of ode to the musical sensibilities of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. "Miz Sally" might have easily been a smash on one of the Beatles' albums, and yet there is still a market for that style of Rock and Roll music in 2022.

In a survey titled "Rock Never Dies," respondents were questioned if "The Beatles are a perfect illustration of the adage "Rock Never Dies." and 62.9 percent of those polled agreed with the assertion. Given how the music industry has progressed, Ali Hugo believes it is genuinely incredible that the Beatles remain as relevant to today's Music buyers as they were back then.
Although "Miz Sally" has a 1960s vibe, it is entirely an original song written, arranged, and produced by Hugo. "There is a narrow line between recognizing the musicians that inspired the song and generating fresh stuff." I'd like to write a popular song, but I have no plans to join a Beatles tribute band anytime soon. Hugo exclaimed, laughing.

"I can't deny that I come from a long family of Beatles enthusiasts, and we even wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to master the song at Abbey Road studios, but my team was concerned that doing so would be crossing that fine line," Hugo explained.

"We have huge plans for Miz Sally, and we're hopeful that the song will do well, especially in the UK." Hugo stated that "Miz Sally" will be released on July 12th, 2022.
Billboard Charting Murat Ses (Father of Anadolu Pop) 2022 Album OPBE DANCES 3 Released OPBE DANCES 3 comes up with a sophisticated electronic, dance, ambient, world approach which has the hallmark of Murat Ses's legendary fusion style known as Anadolu Pop (Grand Prix du Disque in Paris, France, back then in early 70s) he worked out with his wife Nihal Ses (founder of first traditional, folkloristic dance group in Austrian College in Istanbul back in late 60s and early 70s). Artwork and themes by Nihal Ses aka OpBe, publisher of Clouzine (an online contemporary music mag supporting new and under the radar talents ignored by the majors).
The album's tracks were composed and produced during SES Team's stays in Florida and Los Angeles (USA).
Gary Meyers\' New Flamenco Album Transports Us to Andalusia Gary Meyers is an in-demand flamenco guitarist, composer, and producer who has performed at countless corporate events, weddings, private parties, restaurants, cafes, and more. He may not be from Spain, but he plays with grace under the brand "Dirty Flamenco" as an acknowledgement that he is a Westerner playing a music near and dear to the heart of Andalusia, Spain, and beyond. He learned under the tutelage of Maestro Rene Heredia—the man credited with bringing flamenco to Colorado in the 1960s. Gary is an intuitive performer with a command of flamenco and rhumba traditions who eases between set melodies and improvisatory flights of fancy to heighten the entertainment experience.

His new album, 'Desperado's Shade,' is a 10 song collection of original flamenco songs that transport you to another place. You feel like you are on the edge of a cliff in "Cliff's Edge" or about to cross a river in "Spanish River." He creates adventure in his music. You feel like you're on a quest or a long journey, yet he also creates a sense of calm. He is able to let the music tell a story that words would never be able to do. His finesse with the guitar is the lyrics that guide you through the stories.

Gary started as a self-taught guitarist at the age of 14, playing rock, shred, and classical. In 2002, upon hearing a friend play a rhumba, he put the electric guitar down. “Immediately when I heard him play, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life,” Gary says. He continues: “I won’t lie, I was a pretty good electric guitarist, but flamenco is a completely different technique. I had to start over, and it took many years.”

Give 'Desperado's Shade' a listen:
Imagine the serenity of walking through mountaintop cloudbanks, and one gets a sense of Cloudwalker and the Ascent, the new release from Zero Ohms, releasing today on Spotted Peccary Music. Richard Roberts, the electronic ambient music composer behind Zero Ohms, takes inspiration from the western North Carolina mountains where he lives to create electronic textures and meditative flute melodies.

Music possesses the capacity for awakening a deeper part of the self within. As writer, painter, musician, teacher and producer, Richard Roberts follows what he has termed Tao of Zero Ohms (literally: way of no resistance). Zero Ohms aptly describes Richard’s palette of sounds, with flutes and woodwinds from around the planet interwoven with electronics, at once as ancient as it is contemporary. Playing wind-controlled synthesizers and over fifty various flutes, saxes, and other woodwinds, he embraces styles from around the globe and beyond. Zero Ohms is also a live performance artist: most recently, he performed at the Mountain Skies Electronic Music festival in North Carolina.

The way is clear – to listen while letting go – this is The Tao of Zero Ohms.

Cloudwalker and the Ascent is a climb to higher consciousness from a master of the genre. Each morning, he set out to hike the highest peak. Up there, the clouds hung so close to the earth he walked through them. One of Roberts’ friends nicknamed him “Cloudwalker,” and the album’s concept was born. With Cloudwalker and the Ascent, he has recreated this solitary space for the listener in seven pieces featuring shorter compositions and sparser arrangements than on his previous albums. While retaining the improvisations of prior Zero Ohms albums, Roberts uses minimal drones, overdubs, and fewer flutes. Roberts played only a 1954 HaynesSchwelm, a 1995 Armstrong bass flute, an Elemental Flutes Native American bass flute, and a vintage Roland JV-1010 wind-controlled synthesizer.

According to lost distant legends, the mountain is home to countless holy spirits and possesses an array of holy properties. Music can be an invitation to explore such a world while being good to it, discovering truly stunning treasures which might appear to sound as if they were suspended in the air. Listen to the most mind blowing colors, exploring the remains of opulent elevated palaces, temples, fortifications, markets and much more. Invest precious time soaking in the breathtaking acoustic views, structures appear to be cascading down the side of the steep, rocky cliffs. “I have tried to establish a sense of infinity and freedom, and the sense of timelessness that seems to come with it,” reflects the composer.

Flutes are possibly the earliest known identifiable musical instruments, often found in the deepest and darkest parts of some ancient caves, where the acoustics work the most potent magic. I do not think these once lost instruments will be found to have lost so very much of their original sonic fragrance and flavor. This ancient musical implement is sometimes called an aerophone, it is a reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening. What I hear are multiple harmonics that sound as if we are in huge caverns, the sound is very big but not in a loud way, rather, the sound appears to be suspended in the air in a clever and delicate sustained calming way, this is deep listening you can follow into unknown territories. Zero Ohms adds his flutes and woodwinds to his electronic soundscapes and gets a very unique and serene, mellow and meditative sound, evoking gravity-defying remote places and fabulous scenery.

The music of Zero Ohms includes wind-synth tones skillfully blended to form his unique musical palette, coaxing ecstatic wanderings at once as ancient as they are contemporary, with flutes and woodwinds from around the planet interwoven with electronics and well placed savory-pungent acoustic spices. Zero Ohms (Richard Roberts) is a writer, painter, musician, teacher and producer, who follows what he has termed Tao of Zero Ohms (literally: way of no resistance).

Most of this new album, Cloudwalker and the Ascent, was recorded while living in a small community prosaically called Little Switzerland, due to its resemblance to an Alpine village. "I often walked to nearby overlooks that are breathtaking when clear but frequently were quite literally ‘in the clouds’ hence, I became Cloudwalker," reflects Roberts. The beauty of this place combined with the uncertainties of the pandemic produced a collection of seven concise improvisations which have the feel of naked solo performances. Taking advantage of interrupted sleep patterns, many of the tracks on Cloudwalker were laid down in the hour just before dawn, their inspiration distilled from dreams, often with the Moon & Venus smiling through the open backdoor of his cabin.

The first track sets the mood for this nebulous journey. "Cloudwalker and the Ascent" (5:57) the title track opens with the sound of a flute in a big chamber, drones and breath play with symmetry as well as dissonance, like a dream-shape. The fundamental force in the universe stimulating everything from atoms to animals to evolve and incorporate ever greater levels of quality, which can be heard in the cathedral-like depth and echo that haunts this flute, the notes, how distant and how dangerously they sway, the sound flies right up to the very clouds.

The composer reveals that he was inspired by Admiral Richard Byrd’s description of green, forested lands free of ice & snow which the Admiral observed ‘beyond the (north) pole,’ he called this magical and remote place “that enchanted continent in the sky” and the track "Unknownland" (2:45) is a science fiction blending of worlds, a pulsing atmosphere populated with mystical and acoustically astounding electronic flute-birds. This is my favorite track on the album.

Electronic dancing binary jewels near huge ultramarine crashing waves, rose-bedizened ringing bells pulse, "Vistas Beyond" (7:31) expands and encloses the listener inside a breath of warm melodic pulses. The next track's title comes from a Taoist tradition of seeking high, craggy, seemingly inaccessible places for meditation, "Tum Gaon (ascending to higher places)" (10:20). What I hear is a simple drone flute with just enough electronic enhancement, forming long sustained tones. The view of heaven flows mainly from observation and meditation, a single tone to soar and shimmer in the air, breath and open echoey space goes deep, this is the longest meditation on the album.

Maybe this echoey chamber, be it cave or cathedral, is bigger than we expect, the long sustained notes rise into the air on wings. This would be the abode of the Wind. A low drone immediately begins the ascent, very gradual and delicate. "Skybound (free from terrestrial bonds)" (9:20) allows us to imagine the biggest place to find an echo, immersed in the warm, contemplative groove. Seemingly conjured, when all at once afar off a little shining light. The sound sends us straight towards it, flute glowing blue, and there in the midst of the brightness to be seen, and headed for the sky.

Earthy spirits might dream of disappearing into sounds in the heavens, almost blinded by their splendor. "Deep Sky Tones" (5:22) features more of the science fiction electronics, yet also there is an ancient flute vibe, sort of a slow duet between the electronics and the ancient, one side does something slightly different than the other side, but they are both long sustained tones that flicker slightly sometimes, with a layered texture, a reverb feel, bringing to mind mythical entities, moods, and deeper musical meditations.

"Across the Seven Skies" (6:10) the earth trembles beneath and the sky is shaken as if the seven worlds and the seven heavens were mingled together, with almost a folktale feeling. A story told, a track that stands alone, climbing yet higher, spreading thinner & thinner, beyond the atmosphere, into nothingness, like the tempest coming, a massive ghost-cloud. Now our echo chamber goes from a cave to the sky, not just one sky but seven skies. Flutes use the air from our bodies to reach the cosmic force, creating a dreamy genre all its own. I hear several drone instruments blending and sounding in a way that might be similar to the power of the Northern Lights, eclectic blending in a free form and spontaneous air. “Just as the light of a full moon allows us to navigate a path through the darkness, Music allows us to find our way in the dark nights of the Soul.”

Zero Ohms began his musical path around the age of 11 when he began taking clarinet lessons. Four years later, he learned the guitar and got into singing and playing pop and antiwar folk songs. He lists Phil Ochs, Donovan, Richie Havens, the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Leonard Cohen, and Jethro Tull, but seeing and hearing a concert in which Paul Horn accompanied Donovan on the flute changed everything.

A flute produces sound when a stream of air directed across a hole in the instrument creates a vibration of air at the hole, and is sometimes called an edge-blown aerophone projecting marvelous melodies and deep improvs that are matchless, seamless, and timeless, ecstatic spiritual journeys reaching ever upwards.

This album provides a wide and ascending path, a staircase through the forest to the highest terrestrial places to find vistas over lush verdant fields and framed by distant mountain ridges. You might feel like you could wander freely across the top of the absolutely fascinating reliefs and discover hidden gems. Then you realize that this is all made of clouds. Seen from a distance, it looks like a golden sci-fi fantasy, remarkable for a vivid imaginativeness, a gorgeous play of fancy air. Swiftly flies the time, lost in a glimpse into the rich history & culture of an age of awe-inspiring structures intended to honor the first gods.

1 Cloudwalker and the Ascent
2 Unknownland
3 Vistas Beyond
4 Tum Gaon (ascending to higher places)
5 Skybound (free from terrestrial bonds)
6 Deep Sky Tones
7 Across the Seven Skies



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Jesse Rivest Intrigues on Stunning Single \ Jesse Rivest is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and self-producing artist. An observant, introspective, yet adventurous soul, his songs aren't written seeking to effect change. However, the fact that he's been writing and performing them for about 20 years, all the while living around the world leaving light footprints, has had an unintentional consequence.

With his new single “Nostargic,” he draws a parallel, allured by the idea that perhaps memories are like starlight, still reaching us long after their sources have burned out. A dose of nostalgia can stone us as much as a starry sky; both are intoxicating encounters with something that once was.

Listen in here:

The fire pit in the music video ties in with the penultimate lyric, “if I could I'd find the old spark… blow it back to life,” born out of his childhood fascination with blowing the nighttime campfire back to life in the early morning.

His next EP—and various singles after that—were produced in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he has lived since 2013. Before that, Rivest held a home base in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.
Pedal Generic Enchants on \ Residing on the fringe of the Ottawa/Gatineau region, Pedal Generic is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter who likes to make sounds that make him feel bigger than himself. His upcoming 9-track LP, Pedagogy, is his 6th project.

The possibility of finding “the one” is such a beautiful thought. Unfortunately, to love is easier said than done and the past proves this to be true. Do you open up at the possibility of love or stay closed off at the risk of hate?

The reminiscent and intimate single, “Longing,” is Pedal Generic’s call for love. With this song, he’s opening up his heart to the possibility of romance and using music as a way to attract a potential lover.

You can listen in here:

The album, Pedagogy, was entirely produced, written and recorded by Pedal Generic at his home studio in Ottawa, ON. It was mixed by Mike Dubue (HILOTRONS) at Studio Cimetière in Quyon, QC, and mastered by Phil Bova at Bova Lab Studios in Ottawa, ON.

Emotionally, it was a tough project for Pedal Generic to take on, as it has been his most honest and vulnerable work to date. Pedagogy’s theme is of an individual trying to live, love and grow in a cold world of adversity.
Varsetile Eastern Cape Musician ,Rapper,Songwritter,Vocalist,Proffesional Perfomer,An independent Recording & perfoming Artist  his Real Name is Samkelo Christoph Mbele his stage Name is SMK Born ,Raised & buttered in Eastern Cape ,inspired by Eminem ,who during the 1990 s Manage to Make it in the industry that was known as the industry for Black fokes & Marshal Mathers ll made it & dominated it,SMK believe that his music deserved to a global attention ,he said Young Or old people can enjoy his music ,he have catered his audience the following Genre s & Ensure that he drop Exclusive Hits ,Hip Hop,Amapiano,Kwaito,Afropop,R&B,Gospel & Masikhanda in one Album (Bluprint 2022) The CapeGod as he is known by his friends, fans & haters said this Album is just an Album of ensuring that he has got hits in multiple Genres ,What more inspired the Rapper beside the influence of Mr Marshal is ,he speaks for the silence ,(people who are afraid to speak out without fear,favor or Prejudice) he said also to teach through his music.You can t listen to my SMK then fter that you don t fill monivated ,SMK Said

Record Label s need to try artist such as SMK for various reason ,multi talented ,he can help in your team of scout When i found DecentDoggz Entertainment A developing Record Label in Cape town the aim was to present on opportunity to unrecognised musician to have a filling of recording their music & have chance to Manage their own work ,like publishing,Distributing ect ,funding was the issue but Western Cape people can tell the major role played by this label ,some will say D Doggz Records that Give Birth to Pride Records .This and few other things can show you who SMK is ,He manage to Mrket the label & the artist under this label
Rosanne Baker Thornley Unveils \ Based in Toronto, Rosanne Baker Thornley is an internationally recognized, award-winning singer/ songwriter who writes with an impressive and growing number of international emerging and established artists. RBT has been evolving and expanding her relationship with music (and writing) for quite some time. With her new album, Sorry I’m Late, to be released September 2022, she further delves into her craft, cultivating songs from an intensely personal space.

Like all the songs on Sorry I’m Late, “Because of Me,” is inspired by personal experience. This song is about someone who always arrived tangled, who willingly succumbed to a vulnerable version of themselves, and who left less tangled. It’s about changing that someone to their benefit and how those changes in them, while to the betterment of others in their life, challenges those same people. It’s about the realization and the risk to the person who is the impetus to their changing – and to the realization they’re working against themselves. That every heartfelt moment shared can’t change the inevitable outcome.

Listen in here:
The North Coast Band Intrigues on \ The North Coast Band formed in November 2018, with a mission to combine East Coast kitchen party music, with indie folk vibes to create a sound unique to the northern coast of Lake Ontario that inspires a wide range of music lovers.

While living and recording in Guelph, Ontario, brothers Connor and Duncan Ivany have been pursuing full-time careers in organic farming and conservation, both with a strong passion for the environment. They have been creating, recording and performing Indie-folk-rock music which has been inspired by the likes of: Bahamas, Bruce Springsteen, Zac Brown Band and Blue Rodeo.

The North Coast Band is trying to elicit the listeners into the feeling of adventure and folklore. With “Ohio In The Distance,” The North Coast Band try to embrace Canadiana storytelling and want listeners to hear a full sound to accompany it to give it the feel of a tall tale.

Listen to “Ohio In The Distance” here:

Watch the official music video here:

The song was written on Pelee Island in the Summer of 2020, just as a guitar riff and chorus. It was first about the inaccessibility the pandemic had created close neighboring borders such as Ohio is to the Erie Isles of Ontario.

When Connor asked Duncan to write the verse, he researched the island’s history and wrote about a captain that had to retreat back to the Ontario mainshore over the frozen Lake Erie as the Americans took the island over during a brief time in the war of 1812. This gives the songs two meanings, and constructed nicely together as both characters in the song would not be able to get to Ohio one way or another.

The brothers are now working on their debut full length album. You can find them playing as a duo or with a full band at various venues around the Guelph area such as Fixed Gear Brewing, The Cornerstone & The Taphouse.
Star Goes Nova\'s Self Titled EDM Album Reveals Her Musical Abiltiy Star Goes Nova is an intrinsic soul who creates epic stories that combine real instruments with electronica, transcending past and future. She does this through her 115 year old piano, power drums and deep bass music. These sonic manifestations are empathic spaces to stargaze, gather personal power or share thoughts from other worlds.

She finds meaning in space, time, and thought, giving her music another area of musical depth and endurance. She just released her debut EDM and cinematic self-titled album, 'Star Goes Nova." Consisting of 8 original songs, 'Star Goes Nova' has 6 of her previously released singles that are remixed to create a cohesive album alongside 2 new singles, "Phat Barbarella" and "Words and Stardust."

"Phat Barbarella" is the drum & bass and sci-fi inspired single that has a Pink Floyd style to it. Star Goes Nova takes Jane Fonda's 1968 classic Barbarella into a dubstep psychedelic future. Sci-fi synth melodies over dubstep vibes and grime bass release us from gravity as we dance on our starship through outer space.

"Words and Stardust" is a conceptual song that has electronic ethereal music that swirl and layer. "During the pandemic, I started thinking about how so many of us were creating online relationships for connection," she shares. "I kept thinking about how words and imaginations are often the only thing exchanged in an online relationship. Ethereal wishes. So much desire. So much yearning. Unreal. Stardust. I imagined each lover thinking 'You are all my favorite words, but you are stardust, words and stardust. I keep dreaming where we're going, that we have meaning, that we're worth believing. You’re still here and I’m still here and words are everywhere, but it is only stardust.' I wrote this song…. without words, of course, but with lots of stardust."

Listen here:
\'Thoughts and Prayers\' is the Nostalgic Alt-Rock and Pop Grunge We Want The Chad Sipes Stereo have been together for more than 10 years. Their alt-rock and pop-grunge sound is reminiscent of the 90's giving the listener a sense of nostalgia with every listen. Their new album, 'Thoughts and Prayers,' is a poignant one with a Weezer Energy and Green Day vibe.

'Thoughts and Prayers' is Chad Sipes way of confronting a taboo topic, though an important one to tackle. Based on the theme of the opioid crisis, 'Thoughts and Prayers' takes on every aspect of the relationship we as a society have with pills; everything from parenting styles in "Every Single Kid" and "Therapy" to addiction in "Relapse" and "New Prescription."

“It felt like the time to say something,” shares Chad. “With this album, I decided to explore a narrative about the opioid crisis we face here in America. I am by no means an expert—I don’t want anyone to feel bad about taking medication—but I see something dangerous and very widespread.”

Thoughts and Prayers is a career milestone album on many levels. Besides representing an ambitious artistic feat, the album showcases a band at the height of its powers 12 years in, and it’s a testament to the quartet’s longevity. Chad says: “I’m really proud of this record. We left no stone unturned, and made the album I've always wanted to make. I have never felt this way before, and I am so excited for people to hear it.”

Listen here:

Yabada Africa Album Yabada is a newly term Zamisto composed meaning simultaneously sing, dance & jump more like rejoicing in happy mood and good vibes. The album, "Yabada Africa" has 17 tracks and each track has its emotional connotations to it as described below:

Zamisto is an artist, a solo artist, songwriter or a lyricist, singer & performer aspiring to express himself (my feelings/Imizwa yam) through music vibes essentially healing, delighting & endowing people with fresh sounds. Oh yes, I’m (knocking/ndiyaNqonqoza) and always calling upon Friday (Hoza/come Friday) as my favorable day of the week albeit I take every day as a (Brand new day).

Indeed, we have Afro-popped a number of tracks for Afro-poppers and Afro-trappers (Yabada Africa) but only individual singles for Afro-house-keepers Qula Kwedini with some Xhosa cliques & for our Reggae lovers with some Afro-pop flair respectively.

In response 2 current wreak havocking Amapiano sounds in Africa, we have 2 tracks chasing the trend 4 now, check them out. For Gospel lovers, I have a message for you children of God – I speak peace, love & respect, Nkosi sikelela abantu bakho/God bless your people . In fact, we have about 4 gospel tracks aimed to heal & restore our people’s diverse situations, persistent circumstances and vulnerable life conditions.

Trying 2 be contemporary and versatile at the same tym isn’t a walk on the park, I ended up becoming Sishumane bcz of my music ambitions, shame on me but @ least it happened during covid19 lockdowns, hay’ Ishubile bakgotsi keCorona. Anyway, let me congratulate Dillidizza for safely passing thru manhood passage during this summer school initiation campaign. Mabaye bephila babuye bephila. Was it lockdown blasphemy and or blemished year Dillidizza? Hay’ nam andazi kodwa ke your time was long overdue (Yo tym is up) dedela (amakhwenkwe) abanye.

Yabada Africa album is a 2 year project and it couldn’t have been manifested possibly, without faith in action and Masandawana always testify for (people-process-systematic) support, assistance, teamwork including hard work, belligerent hiccups, obstinate obstacles, and self or manufactured regrets but I thank God (Heavenly Father) for his mercy, grace, favor and unconditional love.

By the way, Sumeya (the hottest track) is a true personal story based song. I almost lost my other half whilst chasing my dream (Lord mend this). I dedicate this album 2 u Sibonise and our beautiful daughter, Sumeya (Intombenhle). I’m truly sorry babe and honored for ukubonisa uthando lwam oluthi nkente-nkente tiki-tiki boom-boom.

I salute you all in the wonderful name of Yahweh, Yashua, God bless Africa.


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Biography Hello!
My name is Zamikhaya Tafane famously known as Zama. I reside in Midrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng province in RSA. Born on the 05th December during apartheid regime, bred in a small town Tsomo, under Chris Hani district in the Eastern Cape province at Mtshabe, eGesini village. I studied in Stellenbosch, CPUT, and Unisa Academia in the Western Cape province. I have worked in the public service for years prior relocating to Gauteng for greener pastures. Now, I sing & perform music.

I am an artist & my stage name is Zamisto.

Hang on a sec, let me thank you for reading my biography & for your support. Actually, your support is highly appreciated and THANK U & take 5 may God bless U n Me.

In anticipation for greater things 2 come, towards realizing my music ambitions – I’m looking forward 2 establish mutual beneficial relationships in business & music world. Hesitate NOT, try me now, let’s collaborate, chat & talk business. Indeed, I am an African man, tall in height, humble inside & short in messages.
 Strategist & Business Planner
 Business & Research Analyst
 Knowledge Management Activist
 Information Management Activist
Scott Nolan & Glenn Buhr  Intrigue on \ Scott Nolan is a songwriter, poet, multi instrumentalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba Treaty One Territory. His songs have been recorded by Hayes Carll, Mary Gauthier, Watermelon Slim, Corin Raymond, and Stephen Fearing among others. He has recently produced albums for William Prince, Lynne Hanson, Richard Inman and Watermelon Slim.

Nolan’s new track with Glenn Buhr entitled “Annabella Street” is about the Point Douglas neighborhood in Winnipeg’s North End, which was an infamous red light district in the early 1900’s. While researching some of Winnipeg‘s history, Nolan learned how early Chief of Police John Mcrae was tasked with dealing with a growing problem with prostitution. Mcrae sought out one of the most well-known wet madams of the era and told her if she could contain it to the neighbourhood there would be no interference with the police. They had a list of rules, one of which was that the women must not play the house piano too loudly.

Stream “Annabella Street” now:
Ghost Caravan Reveal Epic Single  \ Ghost Caravan is a group of collaborators led by Shaina Silver-Baird. Her anthemic pop/electronica sound is cinematic and invigorating. For their contribution to the multi-artist covers album, Ghost Caravan has created a poppy, ‘80s-leaning version of Elvis Costello’s song, Girls Talk, that comes with a side of empowering cheekiness.

Watch the official music video for “Girls Talk” here:

This song brings up memories of being a teenager. Silver-Baird pictures the nostalgic image of a bunch of girls huddled together giggling, talking and gossiping. She loves the thought of those young girls knowing that there’s power in what they say, no matter what they choose to use their voice for - whether it’s trivial or powerful.

Growing up, Silver-Baird had only heard the cover version by Linda Rondstadt and never knew that Elvis Costello was the original singer. When she hears a male voice singing this song, to her it really feels like he’s on the outside looking in on the female experience – seeing and hearing the rush and the power of girls talking and gossiping from the outside. But when she hears a woman sing it, it feels like the whole story of the song is flipped. It’s now being sung from the inside of the experience. Silver-Baird’s saying: “I know you wanna know what I’m saying… and I know what I choose to say has power. Whether it’s to help or hurt… it has power.”
\ Belief Records, a boutique independent record label, is gearing up for the release of songs from Ali Hugo's upcoming project. Following the success of Ali Hugo's Afrodisiac EP, the Belief Records research team set out to create new marketing strategies for Ali Hugo's forthcoming album. Hugo has already finished recording tracks for his upcoming rock-oriented album, "Home Boy". "The inspiration for "Home Boy" came from Belief Records' use of video-based marketing techniques to promote Hugo's Afrodisiac EP, which received a lot of attention" (ROAS). "Home Boy" is inspired by the MTV years when rock reigned supreme, and Belief Records wants to emphasize that "Rock Never Dies." According to Belief Recording artist Ali Hugo, it's absurd that rock bands and solo artists who are still actively producing music today are referred to as "That 90's band!". As a result, the Belief Records team believes that the "Home Boy" album provides an opportunity to introduce Ali Hugo fans who aren't buyers of rock music to the world of rock & roll. "Apart from Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars, there hasn't been a charismatic, successful rock star since Kurt Cobain." said a belief records team member. Hugo fans in Europe, North America, and around the world are hoping that "Home Boy" will satisfy their cravings for rock & roll music. Especially those who took part in Belief Record's "Rock Never Dies" marketing research survey. The concept of the "Home Boy" album piqued the interest of the participating fans.
"Home Boy" will also include a country song and an instrumental song, both of which are staples of Ali Hugo Belief Records' formula. The decision was motivated by a desire to increase downloads, according to the Belief Records team. Hugo's country and instrumental tracks are popular on DSP. And it makes financial sense to continue releasing original songs in those genres for download.

According to Belief Records, having an artist on the label's roster like Ali Hugo, who has generated 2 million streams in 2021, adds significant value to the bottom line. We realized the value of working with an artist like Hugo on the "Home Boy" album, Hugo started writing and recording up to three songs a day for the project. Hugo began to sing, and when we asked where these songs were coming from, he replied, "All I can say is that I thank God for the gift of music.

" Belief Records' current goal is to create innovative and effective marketing techniques for "Home Boy" in order to gain access to new markets. The "Home Boy" sound, for example, has a distinct "Maple Leaf" flavour to it. As a result, working with agents who can help us get the music into small-town stores across Canada and the United States is critical. Streaming music is essential. However, the Belief Records marketing team hopes that the "Home Boy" album will be the recording with the most downloaded songs in Belief Records history. Belief Records is also planning to release the album on CD and vinyl.

Given that highly compensated artists make most of their money from live performances, the music on the "Home Boy" album is well-suited for stadium, arena, and Amphitheatre concertgoers who purchase advance tickets, and the same Home Boy songs can be customized for virtual concerts and paid online performances. The "Home Boy" album arrives at a critical juncture where rock music is trending globally, as the hottest ticket for the summer is for the sold-out Stadium Tour featuring rock legends Def Leppard, Motley CrÜe, Poison, and Joan Jett. "I've seen many groups bring back DISCO and traditional R&B arrangements to a new generation of listeners, and I believe that same success formula can work with rock music," Hugo explained.

According to a Belief Records team member, "Home Boy" songs can reach a wider audience with the help of many of our friends at radio and generate more sync and licensing opportunities with Belief Records." "We are going all the way with this record, and we are determined to use all the tools at our disposal to create a hit record," says Hugo of the "Home Boy" album.
Along with the release of a new album, Belief Records and Intercept Music/Ingroove/UMG have formed a new partnership. The collaboration will assist Belief Records in expanding the Ali Hugo brand while increasing album profitability prospects through innovative marketing, catalogue management, distribution, and merchandising methods. The first single from the Home Boy album There's a light out there" will be released on June 16th, 2020.
Ostarè Comes Alive with New Single \ If Show ‘Em What You’ve Got was a brilliantly brash and buoyant slice of R&B, Ostarè returns with something slightly more chilled, more soothing, and more understated. But that is not to say that Deep Down isn’t still filled with the same message of empowerment and inner healing, it is just that whereas the previous single comes at the listener face on, a collection of soul and swagger, attitude, and ambition, Deep Down just throws its arms around you and gives you what can only be described as a sonic hug!

Listen in here:

It is built on similarly liquid beats, a cool clubland groove, one that is all about futuristic digital dance timings, pulsing bass beats and smoky clubland atmospheres. But it is, if not exactly subdued, certainly more subtle and seductive. There are times when a message warrants a more full-on and unavoidable delivery system, this is not one of those times and it proves that Ostarè is equally at home seducing her audience as she is seeking to subdue them.And again, there is a deeper message than the music might suggest, if only taken at face value. Dance music is not known for being deep and meaningful, but Deep Down is an exception.

Whilst it is perfect for the clubland set who just want to party the night away, and its infectious grooves guarantee that will happen, lyrically it is a love letter to security, to finding your own safe space, a place where you are comfortable, where you can be yourself…a “place to call home.”Not in the physical sense, more in a soul searching one, as always with Ostarè ‘s messaging, it runs on a more spiritual plane, this is metaphysical music for the modern era, pop for the Aquarian Age, dance music for the delvers into their inner consciousness. Throw away this is not!I probably said the same last time around too, but it is worth repeating.

It is possible that Ostarè ’s marks a real change in direction for pop music, a coming of age for a genre which up until now has been seen as being driven by the fickle finger of fad and fashion. What Deep Down proves is that it is possible to make music which pushes the potential of pop by being both infectious and accessible but also deep and meaningful, not a combination that we have seen on the dancefloor before but perhaps the start of something new.

Deep Down does lots of things but perhaps the most important one is that it raises pop’s IQ by a considerable degree, and that has got to be worth making a song and dance about. Dontchathink?
We’re Feeling a Yes for \ John Greska has been writing and producing music for many years now, and has recently released two instrumental albums: Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, both of which are available online on most streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. John has begun delving into writing songs with lyrics and does not always feel moved to sing them. He aspires to continue his craft as a songwriter and is excited to share his music so that he can connect with other singers/songwriters and grow his craft.

John’s music is a fusion variety that combines elements of pop lyricism and modern classic melodies along with electronic bass rhythms. He is inspired by other artists who also integrate fun music. If the Arctic Monkeys and Simon and Garfunkel decided to collaborate into a current musical phenomenon it would be John Greska.

His new folktronica like song, "Mamma Maybe" takes themes of time and change and places it within the made up narrative of a mother and her son. It's a fresh sound that bears no real comparisons, though it's reminiscent of Mumford & Sons with a sort of structure and lyricism like The Beatles. Inspired by history and intrigued by how the people who lived through certain events thought of change, "Mamma Maybe" is about a mother who's beliefs and ideals keep her in the past and unable to connect with her son.

“The writing process was surprisingly difficult. Taking out the fact that I was trying to write about something extremely intricate and not really song-like, the actual music was super tricky. There were certain parts that had to sound happy and certain parts that had to sound ominous and the ending was rewritten three times. The ending of the song was the hardest part to find, because how do you end a story like this?”

But all that hard work seemed to pay off with “Mamma Maybe” bringing unique tones and artistic influence to a new direction of music.

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fire Power Music  from Eastern Cape Born Rapper SMK coming from the dark streets of Eastern Cape in the heart of South Africa in the Eastern Region ,his full name is Samkelo Christoph Mbele ,some call him Monsta,Zikode,Guru Matara they actually call him with his Exclusive Hits from his project of 2020 Album Do Or Die P2 which he confirm that this is the corrections of his previous projects ever since he started his music caree,His Stage Name is taken from his full name & always reflect or aim to original .

Earthnocloud spoke to SMK he said after writting a classword and you failed it You will have to do a corrections meaning that the teacher now must tell you whe did you go wrong ..So SMK is actually fixing that with Do Or Die P2 : A 20 songs Album .The South African Rapper,self trained music Pproducer is now done with his recent Project Bluprint on this one SMK said this is a classic Album an album that contains only Hits ,he is done with it & will soon be busy with an EP tittle #No Retreate No Surenda
Mary Clements Entices on \ Mary Clements is a singer-songwriter based out of Hamilton, ON, who uses her music to explore the world around her. Rooted in piano and voice, her songs can sometimes sound like indie-folk, pop, classical or even country. Her sincere vocals combined with the textures of her production create an experience that is simple and authentic.

New single, “Farmer Song,” was written from the perspective of a son who is contemplating whether or not he is willing and even capable of taking over his family's farm from his father. Filmed, directed and edited by Clements on a family farm in Ontario, the video shows the song’s main character's expression light and happy as he thinks about his family memories contrasted with the heaviness of the consideration to let the farm go.

Watch the video here:
Opeongo Goes the Extra Mile with  \ Opeongo, the moniker of singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour, is following up his 2019 debut, Miasma, with sophomore LP, we’ll all go with (the-will-o’-the-wisp), produced by Aaron Goldstein.

Kamouraska is a beautiful town along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec and the title of his focus track, a ballad about an abused woman in Canada in the 1800s who murders her spouse to finally put an end to her suffering, only to find that she will now have to suffer in a very different way as a fugitive of the law. At least now the suffering is her own, and as such the protagonist feels a certain catharsis and justice in her actions.

“The album title comes from a misheard lyric in ‘Farewell Transmission’ by Jason Molina. One of the alternating lines is ‘will-o’-the-wisp,’ which I always heard as ‘we’ll all go with.’ In literature, the phenomenon of the ‘will-o’-the-wisp’ acknowledges a fool’s errand, unattainable aspirations, a dark conclusion to a sought-after light. And so I put the two together as an acknowledgement of life’s futility and the inevitability of death and loss.” —Opeongo

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Tarbox is a Fan Favorite on \ After several years of working on different projects and touring across Canada, Tony, Simon, Deiz and Jack decided to form Tarbox. Through their post-grunge and alternative vibe, the band gives groove and a new flavour to these styles.The band has always been attracted by the 90’ sound in whatever they wrote. From the earliest stage of the project, nothing had ever been clearer. With this new wave coming back to life, Tarbox aspires to be a part of it and work towards making this 90’ sound relevant again.

Tarbox decided to create a Beatles cover of “Dear Prudence” after the release of the “Get Back” documentary series. It reminded the band of their admiration for The Beatles, and with the encouragement of their bassist, Simon, the band decided to rewrite “Dear Prudence” as a Tarbox song. They mixed the structures, played around with parts of the song and took on a more uplifting mood than their usual sound, while also keeping the original heart of the song intact.

The artwork of this new single is an homage to The Beatles’ self-titled white album. As for the clip of the song, it really refers to the “Get Back” documentary where Tarbox is playing in a big industrial-esque minimalist room. The cloudy temperature you see outside of the huge industrial windows evokes the stereotypical weather of London, UK, but at the same time, Montreal’s Jacques-Cartier bridge is painting the background as a shoutout to the city where the band comes from. The band also dressed up a little cleaner than usual to meet up the standards of the late 60s.

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\'For You, The Garden\' Touches the Souls of All Ages Artist, musician, filmmaker, teacher, gardener, beekeeper, parent, and partner, “Wurmy Wormfield,” aka Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, has been a dedicated artist from the age of 13. Many have experienced the Silverlake, California-based entertainer and filmmaker’s onscreen work. Yet, few are familiar with his decade of creative work helping overturn a Los Angeles public-school parking lot, and transform it into a community garden and educational center. This call to action inspired a magical personal journey that brought forth a lifelong love of music, birthed the alter-ego Wurmy Wormfield and has culminated in the sweetly opulent folk-pop, debut album, 'For You, The Garden.'

'For You, The Garden' may be aimed at children, but even adults can find themselves singing and dancing along to his groove filled songs. The album has 19 songs and covers every topic under the sun. He sings about the Big Bang, compassion, empathy, climate change, and even our collective relationship to the land. Each song has catchy rhythm and a fun styling and vocals like Leonard Cohen.

'For You, The Garden' was inspired by the community garden that Wurmy helped make in Silverlake back in 2008. He joined his neighbors and community to create the garden in an overturned parking lot. It took a year to complete, but when it was, Wurmy could see the joy it brought to people. Timeless ideals of returning land to nature, community gathering around common, shared spaces, and the awe of watching nature bloom and cycle made a mystical impact on him. He was in many ways re-born & had no other choice but to sing about it.

For You, The Garden features original, storyteller songs, delicately adjusted popular covers, and well-loved traditional tunes. Wurmy quippily calls his music “veggie-alt, consciousness-pop” and it brims with humor, buttery male vocals and orchestral accompaniment. A conceptual touchstone for this project is Harry Nilsson’s immersive album and animated film experience, The Point!

Listen here:

A sense of wonder permeates this album through its acknowledgment of oneself as a part of something greater. John Gregorius finds deep inspiration in the natural surroundings of his home in the Sonoran desert, crafting musical spaces in the spirit of mystery, simplicity, communion, and contemplative thought.

In Awe finds Gregorius taking his trademark ambient guitar sound in new compositional directions, using more verse, chorus and bridge structures to evoke a journey through the desert or along the shoreline. On the track “Light,” Gregorius’ guitar glimmers like the silver crests of sun-kissed waves. On “Here Now,” a yearning hook recurs like a question left unanswered. Wistful acoustic flourishes entwine and disentwine from the melody at the song’s stunning bridge. And beneath, drums – like footsteps in sand – march toward realization. “Open,” finds a subsumed kick drum emboldening movement, adventure, and exploration. Then – as quickly as it comes – the kick drum subsides. It leaves an aural clearing, like stepping through overgrown branches to find a sunlit meadow: a place to stand still and marvel.

All of the songs heard on his newest album on Spotted Peccary Music, In Awe, were written, produced and mixed by Gregorius himself, who plays guitars, keyboards, percussion and developed the drum programming. Sean O’Bryan Smith plays bass on all songs, Mitch Ross plays drums on three songs, Benjamin Fleury-Steiner created the synth bed for Everyday Miracle, and Kim Daniels contributes her wondrous ethereal vocals to three tracks.

Perhaps this music is a gentle reminder to pay attention, and that there is more to life than what can be empirically measured or scientifically observed. There is time to discover these beautiful characteristics emerging from within and slowly transfiguring us. It's hard to slow down and notice things in a busy world. Try to take the time to experience your environment with all of your senses - touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. Be kind to your wandering mind.

The sonic worlds that Gregorius has created in his imagination are enchanted, not by magic or fantasy, but by an even more startling truth that ultimately cannot easily be put into words - the universe is a love note from God. The title track on the album, "In Awe" (5:28), is a melodic instrumental with ethereal vocals featuring Daniels and the tempo of Ross, who reinterpret the word-free tradition in meaningful and sometimes surprising ways, allowing the listener a space for meditation, contemplation, silence, solitude, stillness, and practicing the idea of universal cycles, such as day and night, to repeatedly restore light and life to a glimmering world.

Gregorius begins all his compositions with a guitar, a looper, and reverb. Each of these rich, immersive pieces was built from this simple foundation, with guitar loops forming much of the album’s background ambience. He recorded most of the album on an Ovation 1867, and a Paul Reed Smith electric tuned in Robert Fripp’s New Standard Tuning. The album features collaborations with vocalist Kim Daniels, bassist Sean O’Bryan Smith, and drummer Mitch Ross, as well as a synth bed from Benjamin Fleury-Steiner on “Everyday Miracle.”

In Awe springs from the idea that everything is miraculous. The result is a joyous blend of acoustic and electric, digital and analog, and – in Gregorius’ words: a “thank you for the beauty around us, and for the deeper purpose we can experience.”

"Spirituality has always been central to my purpose and music. In growing spiritually, I’m finding science and spirituality to be symbiotic and more miraculous with every discovery..." Gregorius continues, "I have no need to defend a specific doctrine anymore, but just celebrate that the same Divine Presence has always been here and available to all."

IN AWE is available in your choice of digital download format, either MP3 (320KBPS), 16-bit DC quality, or 24-bit studio master.

ABOUT JOHN GREGORIUS: Working from his home studio near Tucson, Arizona, guitarist and composer John Gregorius creates his own wonderful blend of guitar based ambient, acoustic, and melodic music that grows naturally out of a search for meaning within life’s mysteries. A master of finger style acoustic and processed electric guitar, Gregorius finds deep inspiration in the natural surroundings of his home in the Sonoran desert, crafting musical spaces in the spirit of mystery, simplicity, communion, and contemplative thought that allow the listener to slow down, feel comfortable, relax and truly appreciate the beauty of life’s often overlooked interludes. In Awe is John Gregorius’ fourth solo release on the Spotted Peccary label. His previous offerings on the label include Full of Life (SPM-1803), Still Voice (SPM-1802), Heaven & Earth (SPM-1801).

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We La La Love the Debut EP from Brittany and the Blisstones Hailing from Chico, California, is the uplifting island-pop sounds of Brittany and the Blisstones, a duo who specialize in elegantly adorned, heart-crafted songs.

Brittany Bliss and Reid Givens make up the twosome, and their journey is a touching story of reinvention, reclamation, and second chances on love. In addition to warming hearts, the couple are opening minds to female artists and helping shift the narrative of women in creative fields through support and exposure. Brittany and the Blisstones released their recording debut EP, 'La La Love,' on Friday, May 13th.

“We recorded the songs ourselves. We rented a garage and built a small room inside it to record the live instruments in. We purchased the rest of the gear needed and tracked everything we could ourselves. For instruments we can’t play (trumpet, cello, etc) we hired musicians from all over the world through the internet to record the parts and send them back to us,” shares the duo.

Brittany and Reid write songs that sweetly seduce you into mindfulness. The mellow tones of their distinct island-pop draw from an expansive artistic palette of pop, orchestral, rock, jazz, reggae, ska, Latin, new wave, and beyond. Brittany contributes sultry vocals, jaunty ukulele playing, and co-writes the songs alongside her partner Reid, an accomplished drummer and percussionist with an expansive command of rhythms and a keen sense for the healing power of good grooves.

The five-song EP bursts open with “Mermaid,” the first song Brittany ever wrote. It is a song about reconnecting with nature, but it also seems to be about reconnecting with Brittany’s own human nature. The lyrics brim with breathtaking imagery and awe-inspiring reflective moments. She sings: By the sea/A mermaid rewrote the pages of all my dreams, so I found fear and faith in the waves. The music is as majestic as its impressionistic lyrical passages. The song lilts on a vaguely Jamaican pulse and brims with jeweled trumpet melodies, vocals that are sultry and sensitive, lush layers of harmony vocals, and moody chord changes that have a sweet sadness.

The song “Some Times” wields a hypnotic chord sequence and a crisp beat, and exudes a slow-burn emotionality. “This is a song of mindfulness,” reveals Reid. “We can’t control what thoughts pop up in our mind, but we have a choice to focus on the good stuff.” The song’s anthemic outro is a rallying call to choose happiness. It concludes with the lyrics: Let’s all keep singing/We’re surviving the flood/We’re all still singing/Cuz we’ve got air in our lungs.

The title track is a jazzy dose of sun-kissed pop featuring summery horn fanfare. The song’s unflinchingly positive vibes nicely mirror its lyrics. “The song is about how love is our natural state, not something outside of us that we have to constantly be searching for,” Brittany says. She continues: “The love expressed here is not romantic love, it’s about finding love in simple moments in life.”

One of the biggest lessons of Brittany and The Blisstones is it’s never too late. It’s never too late to pick up an instrument. “Brittany just had her first piano recital since the second grade,” Reid marvels. And it’s never too late for love. Brittany says: “We got another chance at love, and rediscovering who we really are as people. It’s been such a beautiful restart.”

Listen to 'La La Love' here:
 Dead Levee Shares Prominent New Single \ Dead Levee, the old-school Saskatchewan-based rock band, are sharing “Rise Up,” a pedal to the metal redemption rock song.

Produced in collaboration with JUNO Award-winner, Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback, Rise Against), this high energy track was written to stoke listeners’ internal fire and is the title track from their new EP.

We’ve all got our problems
Welcome to the lion’s den
We’ve all gotta solve ‘em, baby
And get back in the saddle again

“You can overcome the adversity you’re facing and come out on top with a stronger mentality, drive and appreciation for what you’re passionate about,” explains bassist Tayler “Izzy” Morgan of the song’s themes.

Listen in here:

Zoplo Comes Alive with \ Zoplo is a blind hip-hop inspired vocalist and songwriter from Toronto building a reputation for honest and vulnerable songwriting. They started writing music while involuntarily committed throughout their adolescent and teenage years in lockdown psychiatric facilities across North America. Since their discharge, Zoplo has opened for Yung Lean, Tech N9ne, Odd Future, Riff Raff, Rittz, Madchild, and D12.

Zoplo tells the story of two people who feel equally wronged by the other person on their indulgent new track, "I feel sorry for u" ft. Ray Mourning. “Sometimes, it’s okay to look at yourself and know that you weren’t the problem in a relationship,” they share. Empowering in a tongue in cheek way, the duo was inspired by the line between vulnerability and discomfort.

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The Johnnys Fly with \ The Johnnys are an Ontario-based rock’n’roll band founded by spouses Veronica Johnny (lead vocals/ manager/ producer/ writer) and Dave Johnny (drums/ producer/ writer). The duo’s early recordings were more punk-influenced, characterized by fun, up-tempo songs while later releases have a classic-rock feel.

The Johnnys are known to deliver rowdy, high-energy, humour-filled performances. They’ve played across Canada, been featured on TV and film and shared stages with such luminaries as Geordie Johnson, Bif Naked, Stevie Salas, Bruce Cockburn, Keith Secola & Crystal Shawanda.

New single Butterfly (Salas/Gutierrez Remix)," was inspired by The Butterfly teaching taught to Veronica by Indigenous Elder Joanne Dallaire.

Listen here:
Watch here:

"You cannot hide from what's inside" is an excellent analogy for the butterfly transformation and the pandemic induced self-isolation. If you weren't distracting yourself with streaming film/TV and you took the time to do some self-reflection, chances are you emerged a different being.
  Randie O’Neil´s “Daddy’s Pride” is a Slice of Americana Folk Rock Americana Folk-Pop artist Randie O'Neil is back with her new single ¨Daddy´s Pride.” This is a heartfelt song about the loss of O´Neill´s stepfather, who did not provide a happy childhood or instill a sense of pride in her. She had to find that on her own.

With her charming and witty lyrics, together with catchy melodies, the song inspires others to stand up for themselves. O´Neill really does dive in and tells a story about her upbringing in a very direct but also genuine way.

¨Daddy´s Pride I wrote completely in 20 minutes, the only song my producer didn´t change a
note. It´s my parents selling my guitars. The biggest failure is for a parent not to teach a child to
be proud and support them. I had the strength to stand up and find it on my own. I know many
don´t and stay lost and insecure.¨

O´Neill draws on a lot of her own experience, as a child, growing up in an abusive and alcoholic environment, she had to develop coping strategies. Now, O´Neill brings this experience to bring the listener a message of compassion, hope and understanding.

O´Neil has released lots of albums throughout her music career, but her acclaimed album “I´m Not That Girl” is one that really showcases her roots and country sound. Her musical influences include Melissa Etheridge, Fleetwood Mac, Cyndi Lauper and Dolly Parton.

Listen here:
4 Dangers of the Blame Game to Watch Out For The blame game is a very old but popular game which started right in the garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve sinned, each tried to put the blame of their transgression on someone else. Adam blamed God and Eve, while Eve blamed the serpent. It was each an attempt at protecting themselves by denying guilt and responsibility.

No one is immune to the blame game. People of various religious, academic, social, and political classes play this game all the time, and it can be hard quitting or even realizing what you’re doing.

A lot of Cameroonian artists play the blame game really well. “If only fans would stop listening to Nigerian music”, “if only blogs would stop being selfish and promote our works” and even “if only other artists with bigger platforms will pull us up” and so on.

When we hear talk about fan apathy, we’re quick to clap, but do we really care to listen to the concerns of those who listen or want to listen to our music? Do we approach blogs to plead for a spotlight or do we feel entitled to be noticed by them effortlessly? Do we evaluate our music from the perspective of a listener, or do we feel so good about our work that anyone who doesn’t vibe to it must be jealous or unsupportive? These are questions we need to ask ourselves before we put the blame on unenthusiastic fans or selfish bloggers.

To quit the blame game, whether you’re an artist or in another field, you must always look inward first. Only when you see no blame there, should you look outward.

How to know you play the blame game

When you’re quick to point the finger in a different direction other than at you, you’re a blame game player. If it hurts to admit you’re wrong, but pleasurable to point out someone else for your failure, you’re a blame game player. If when you’re called out, instead of investigating yourself, you’re quick with justifications, insults, and threats, you’re a blame game player. When you have a sense of entitlement, you’re a blame game player.

Dangers of the blame game
The blame game lessens your poor conduct and diminishes guilt
Guilt, in its right place is a good thing. It tells you that something is wrong and needs fixing. But the blame game causes you to push guilt away instead of examining it, so that what should have worked out for your good instead becomes a wasted opportunity. When you don’t see your poor conduct for what it truly is, you become more established in the wrong thing or wrong direction.

The blame game player dodges responsibility and doesn’t learn from their mistakes
We don’t usually grow because of the good things that happen to us. Many times, it takes a negative situation for us to realize our weakness, failures, or need for growth. But you can’t grow if you constantly point the finger at other people for your shortcomings or failures.

Taking responsibility for your situation may be hard, but it’s one of the best things if you want to stretch your potential and influence.

The blame game makes others your scapegoat, so you feel good about yourself
It is easy to label other people as our scapegoat whether mentally or physically. As long as “it is their fault, not mine, it makes me feel good about myself”. Unfortunately, feelings don’t last long, and you will still have to face the consequences of your actions or inaction.

Don’t merely seek to feel good about yourself. Rather desire to be a better person, which sometimes involves shifting responsibility for your situation from others to yourself where it rightly belongs.

The blame game makes you unlikable
Nobody loves to be around someone who constantly sees or puts blame on others and never accepts blame. In fact, playing the blame game proves you’re a narcissist, someone who’s obsessed about themselves that you don’t care how your actions or inactions hurt other people.

How quickly and easily do you take responsibility for your actions or inaction? Do you always feel that your life will be better if only other people put their act together? Please share in the comments below.

Thank you and God Bless


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The Impliers\' Newest Single is Hypnotic and Psychedelic Dan Ingram and Charles Hartman started making music together at just 15 years old, united by a bold desire to explore the outer limits of alternately tuned guitars. The pair had an immediate intuitive connection, and hunkered down in a storage shed to home in on its avant-garde aesthetic. They emerged as Phantom Zell, a weird indie-punk band that specialized in experimenting with sounds and what an instrument was capable of doing before it sounded wrong. “We played punk shows, but we were the only band in the scene that broke the punk rules by not playing that typically fast and aggressive sound,” says Charles. By age 17, Dan and Charles’s songs were earning placements on compilations alongside diversely popular acts such as Of Montreal, Fugazi, Jawbreaker, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Converge.

Today, they are the alternative and indie rock duo, The Impliers. What hasn't changed is their desire to break out of the box and create music that's unlike anything you'll hear anywhere else. They still experiment with textured synths, electronic beats, harmonies, and oddly tuned guitars. If you listen closely, you can hear influences of Radiohead, The Beach Boys, NIN, The Beach Boys, Tame Impala, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, Blonde Redhead, Pixies, and Beck.

Their newest release, "I Promise" is the second from their upcoming album, 'cocoon.' "I Promise" has a psychedelic rock sound with a strong Pink Floyd sound. Dan says, “This is one of the first tracks we wrote for the record and highlights the indie guitar sound we formulated as teenagers within our more modern electronic, layered flavor.”

“Most relationships are loaded with promises, and the composition, tone, look and feel of the promises look different based on the situation, and especially evolve over the span of the relationship. This song tends to mirror that,” shares Dan. The promises in the song morph as the narrative unfolds. The chorus has the most synthetic sounds while the guitar is the primary instrument during the verse and bridge. It's a catchy song and rhythmically pleasing to the ear.

Listen here:
Jasper Debuts Bold Release \ Quinn Vicario also known as Jasper, is an American rapper from Texas. Jasper is the Founder and CEO of PROPHECY Records, created in 2018 with Olegario Garcia, and Nick Bell in Texas. Jasper's recent release of "Notice Me" (2021) and "Joy In Comparison" (2022) has sold thousands of copies in under a month of their release. By 2022, “Jasper” (2019) reached over 15,000, and is his number one charted song.

New single “Won’t Let Go” states that no matter how difficult the road is, he will not let go of his passions or dreams.

Listen to the song here:

The Henrys Reveal the \'Shrug\' LP with Focus Track \ Toronto-based ‘nearly instrumental’ group, The Henrys, were confronted with a ‘singer supply chain issue’ during the pandemic, leading Don Rooke, who formerly ‘spoke’ with guitars, to focus on singing and lyrics.

The result of this period is the band's new LP, Shrug, which examines introspection while continuing to actively occupy The Henrys’ unique musical space between genres including folk, roots, jazz, and pop.

Shrug features “A Night Beyond Repair,” which charts a kind of longing and feeling of searching through different stages of life. Rooke describes its inspiration coming from “feelings about the American south, the Canadian north, the environment, life/work, and ending up in the right place.”

The song glides along with a soft spoken vocal, languid guitars, and tumbling drums, experimenting with a quasi-psychedelic feeling through its instrumental sections.

Listen to the single here:
Apollo Lovely Debut Stunning New Single It’s hard not to do what you love. Kim Ho, born in Montreal, knows that all too well. In 2012, he was having a blast trotting the globe while fronting his alt-dance pop band, Creature. Nominated for a JUNO Award, the band recorded their second album in London with a big time American producer, only for the label to decide not to release it.

Kim unveils his self-titled debut album under the name Apollo Lovely on June 10, 2022. Combining the old school soul and R&B that Kim loved as a kid, with his previous band’s pop sensibility, Apollo Lovely is the cool older brother; smoother, and just a little more laid back. The music has an upbeat and sultry swagger that is perhaps a reflection of Kim’s new found confidence and freedom as an independent artist.

The latest single, “Next To You,” is about the protagonist sitting next to the beautiful woman initially spotted across the room in a crowded bar, hitting it off and falling head over heels. But, this is a fantasy, later revealed to be an imagined love which can sometimes feel just as real.

Watch the video here:
 Jason Kent Debuts New Release \ Jason Kent’s songs delve into the caverns of life, the abyss of loss, and the eternal light.

His new album, Soft Commotion, is a collection of songs for these strange and peculiar times, and for those who are all too aware and empathic to the very nature of our own existence.

Soft Commotion features the focus track “Age of Emotion,” a meditation on alienation, loneliness, and ultimately hope.

“I’m an agent of emotion, in this soft commotion, a bottomless crater, a lover not a hater,” sings Kent over laidback folk rock, featuring mixing from UK guitarist and engineer, Luke Potashnick.

Watch the video here: