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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Gypsy , Middle Eastern , Mediterranean
Genres: new age, jazz, nuevo flamenco, electronic, film soundtrack
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Photo by: Tysonemanuel
About: Tyson Emanuel
'Today and every day I choose life with everything that it comes with and will celebrate it joyfully, lovingly, graciously and most importantly musically'. - Tyson Emanuel

'Mono no aware (物の哀れ?), literally "the pathos of things", and also translated as "an empathy toward things", or "a sensitivity to ephemera", is a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence (無常 mujō?), or transience of things, and both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness) at their passing as well as a longer, deeper gentle sadness about this state being the reality of life.' (wiki)