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Paris-kinshasa Express
Influences: African , West European
Genres: rumba, soukouss, ndombolo, chanson francaise,
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Initiated by the musician Patrick Mundelé and the dancer Mama Cécilia, the PKE collective gather a dozen artists (France, Congo, Togo, Japan), old wolves of the Congolese scene or from the new generation. Revisiting the music of the Congo Basin, these explorers/fun makers, agree to make sound in harmony a modern and mixed rumba whose lyrics mingle mockery and seriousness, in French and Lingala. The result needs to be listened with the intelligence of the heart and invites everybody to dance! Beware, it may shake a little…

“It’s an amazing Africa that the one who is carried by the Paris Kinshasa Express. Without a doubt an Africa linked to childhood, mixing, shared originality, shared origin. An Africa of energies, an Africa of colours. Singing, dancing, fighting Congo. Because in our phones and computers lies a harvested precious land in Congo, but did we knew that? Because the whole world owes most of their dances and rhythms to Congo, but did we knew that? And simply because music drives us, even if we can’t see it, but it takes us by the legs and the bottom and we sweat, they call that Mélomania.”

Marc Verhaverbeke, writer