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Minnus Trelligh
Influences: West European , Scandinavian , East European
Genres: fusion, electronic, celtic, folk, jazz, ethnic-fusion, funk, flamenco, waltz, polka
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January 2023 #17 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Det Finns I Mina Fädrars Land (video)
January 2023 #32 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence "Polska från Stensele" - Live! in Kazan (video)
January 2023 #10 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Alla Gossar (track)
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Photo by: Minnus Trelligh
Photo by: Minnus Trelligh
Contrast and interplay between silence and sound, smooth and wave, calm and wind, wood and silver, orange and black… The band "Minnus Trelligh" have gathered to accomplish this equation in an attempt to create harmony in music which they love themselves – the performers are not limited in some well-defined genre, style or phonation. "Minnus Trelligh" is a music of beauty, called to stand against chaos and bustle, to put feelings of musicians and listeners into an order.