Diwan Saz
Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern , Jewish
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Photo by: Diwan Saz
Photo by: Diwan Saz
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Diwan Saz - דיוואן סאז - ديوان ساز

Middle Eastern world music infusing traditional instrumentation and ancient melodies with intercultural & uplifting elements.

Diwan Saz is a multicultural Jewish ,Christian & Muslim group of9musicians who perform ancient music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land - - promoting peace and understanding through music.

Diwan Saz marries together two great traditions that coexist in the Holy Land - that of Hebrew and Arab music, The songs are sung together by Rabbi David Menachem , Hamudi Gadir, Tzipora El Rei,lubna sallame& Amir shahsar whose powerful voices, rising at times above the instruments, demands almost undivided attention. music of peace.

Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble

The Daly Lama was once asked how to end the conflict between nations and people. He answered,

“through music - playing, learning, and teaching together.” The Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble,embodies this philosophy through its repertoire of authentic folk and classical music of the MiddleEast performed by some of the most respected Jewish, Muslim and Christian musicians in theregion.

The ensemble, led by Musical Director and Baglama musicianYohai Barak, has performed infestivals and venues throughout Europe, Israel , India andseveral prestigious festivals in the United States and Canada includingThe South By Southwest Music Festival - Austin Texas.

As musicians, artists and teachers these nine musicians combine their many yearsof commitment to their art and their communities to bring a “world-class” level of music thatexemplifies the power music has to unite people of different faiths and backgrounds.


Yochai Barak: musical arrangement and direction, saz, baglama

Udi Benknaan: lyre and saz

Eyal Luman: percussion

Amir shahsar: nay and Persian vocals

Lubna salame : Arabic (Christian) vocals

Tzipora EL Rei : Hebrew and Turkish vocals

Rani Lorentz: bass

Muhammad Gadir, aka Hamudi: Nine-year-old Bedouin singer

Mumin Sesler (from Turkey) - master of the oud and the kanun

Rabbi David Menachem: vocalist and master of cantorial - piyutim