Influences: African , North American , Latin American
Genres: african, pop, world, fusion, ethnik, lali, etno, afro pop, ethno mix, tribal
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Photo by: WessFosso
About: Night Club Show
Photo by: WessFosso
About: Luxembourg show ! Kabi
Known as FOSSO Rene at Libreville in Gabon, Wess Fosso performed from 1984 up to 1989 as a comedian, in the main national tv station theatre group called "Tele-Theatre".
While keep playing music in several bands : "Capo Sound" and "AZIZ INANGA" band, among others...
Landed in France on November 1990, Wess Fosso started playing on other artists studio and live projects during a decade, before producing his own work on a CD support in a muti-artists titled Top Africa (the best of African music in Paris), his greeting song to Nelson Mandela, his hero.
End 2010 : 12 titles Album called SUNSHINE
End of 2019 : 11 titles album called HOME VOICES.