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Vivalda Dula
About "Mora Em Nós"
"Mora Em Nós" is Vivalda Dula first single to advance her LP due to release August 31st, produced by Latin Grammy-winning producer Emilio D. Miller.

About the song:
This song is about starting over in life. Sometimes we make plans for our lives, but life takes us on a different journey. And we learn that it's not other people's responsibility to make us happy because true happiness lies within us.

Born and raised in Luanda capital city of Angola, Vivalda Dula is considered as ‘’The New Face of Angola World Music’’ and become the voice of the new generation of Angolan musicians that creates a huge cultural and international impact on today's Angolan music. This soulful singer, songwriter, percussionist and multi-award winner, has conquered and grace the world musi... more
afro-pop, world
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