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Victor Salvatti
Influences: Latin American
Genres: world music, brazilian
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VictorSalvattiisasinger,guitarist, composerand interpreterfromBrazil. Hebegan hismusical careerin 1997at the age of 15when he discoveredthe guitar. Autodidact, alwayscurious,observingwhat was happeninginthe streets ofSao Paulo,his hometown, hebegan toinvestigatethe traditionalBrazilianas well astheafro-Brazilianrhythms.

Afteramusical careerin Brazilleading projectsasfolk musicandmodern music, he decides in 2004 togo to Barcelonawith thepurpose of makinghisworkknown in Europe as alsotospread hismusic, cultureand essencetothe wholeworld.

There he gets in contactwithvarious cultures andwith theworld music andhebegins to mixfolk rhythmswithfunkand reggae ones.

Being in contact withdifferent cultures andpeople from all over the worldmade him seethatwe are all equal, that weare allhuman beingsregardless ofwhere we are bornand what we believe in,capableof the impossibleifwe stay unitedin a world without borders.

In 2009helaunched theMaxisingle “Vida Boa”,amini-discwithfoursongs,beginning hisrecording career.

He is currentlylaunching hisnew album”Nossa Terra”(Our Earth), a title thatrefersto the planet, tohumanityand the unionof people, a union thatVictorshowsthrough acompletelyacousticalbumbased on hispercussiveguitar,thepercussions ofthe world andinhis maturity asasinger,composer and arranger.