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Vi An Diep
Influence: Asian
Genre: news
Ratings, Rankings & Rantings. I would like to see the abolition of the ranking system on musicians websites. There should be fair and equal opportunity for all artists to get heard and gain recognition online. The web is HUGE enough, no one should feel the need to hog all the flow of traffic common really? Live musical experiences are always the richest form of experience for artists to really connect, but we rarely do anymore. We just post something and advertise it to death and get rewarded for not doing much at all. more

Contemporary-spontaneous composer, intuitive-improviser, collaborator, busker, producer, specializing in various Asian long-zither instruments including Vietnamese dan tranh, Japanese koto and Chinese zheng.

Self-taught since age 8 on keyboard, piano and synthesizers. Moved on to long zithe... more
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