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About ""Non é Gran Cousa (The Pilgrim To Santiago)""
This composition is part of the Cantigas de Santa María collection created by King Alfonso X. It is a beautiful song in galaico-portuguese language that we perform in an instrumental way.
The Cantigas de Santa María are a compilation of 420 poems created, inspired, or developed under de guidance of Alfonso X, in an unknown precedent for culture during that time. It is the most personal work of Alfonso X, written in galaico-portuguese language and all of them
dedicated to Holy Mary. Today four codex are conserved and guarded in both the Biblioteca National and the Biblioteca de El Escorial.
They were finished by 1279, and they lasted with their original musical notation and unique colored miniatures.

- Fernando: Bulgarian gaïda, flute and Galician square drum.
- Juanma: fídula.
- Wafir: Arabic lute and bongoes.
- Ido: hansa vina hindú.
- Salah: duf (Marroccan drum).