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Veneranda Dies Ensemble
Influences: Mediterranean , East European , Scandinavian
Genres: medieval music
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·Veneranda Dies Ensemble· is a group created by the multi-instrumentalist Fernando Mosquera in 2005. It's an Ensemble from the medieval city of Toledo (Spain) and it's specialized in Ancient/Medieval Music, mainly in Music from the Three Cultures (Cristian, Jewish and Muslim).

It's an international ensemble formed by musicians from Spain, Sudan, Syria and Israel, so the members of the group practice the fusion and conjunction of Cultures of the music that they play.

With two albums, "The Sounds of Sepharad" (BBC of England, 2009) and "MomentuM" (Several Records, 2012), at the moment they're preparing their third album, wich will be linked to the medieval troubadours music.

·Veneranda Dies Ensemble· is formed by the following musicians:

- Maribel Minaya: voice in Latin medieval, English antique, Arabic, Sephardic (Judaeo-Spanish), Occitan, Jewish and Galaico-Portuguese.

- Ido Segal (Israel): hansa veena hindu, tanpura, Turkish violin and vocals.

- Juanma Rivero "Altarab": hurdy-gurdy, fídula and vocals.

- Wafir Sheik Gibril (Sudan): úds (lutes), nay (Arabian flute), voice in Arabic-Marrocco, Arabic percussion and vocals.

- Salah Sabbagh (Syria): medieval, Oriental and Persian percussions.

- Fernando Mosquera: medieval bagpipes, medieval flutes, voice in English antique and Latin medieval, medieval percussion, vocals and Direction.

·Veneranda Dies Ensemble·, the soundtrack of the Middle Ages...