Influence: Balkan , Gypsy
Genre: gypsy, electronica
About "Zabrakadabra - Single Edit"
This EP comes with brand new remixes of Turlitawa’s popular song "Zabrakadabra", already successfully covered by the popular Romanian band Mahaila Rai Banda. Now DJ Farrapo (Ago- go/IT), Liquid Rockz (La Chusma/Berlin) and DJ Badre (Globalibre/Dortmund) amaze us with their very own approaches to the catchy song about a gypsy child that enchants his father so it can live its dream – to become a doctor. Iwan Harlan, mastermind of Turlitawa, surprises with his “Brazil meets Balkan”-remix, and finally the live-recording from a concert in Germa- ny leaves no doubt about how hot Turlitawa really are on stage.
About Turlitawa:
Turlitawa’ is the Roma word for a spicy hotpot made from global ingredients with fantastic fla- vours. It is prepared on the induction stove in a cast-iron casserole with electric silicon coa- ting. We add the freeze-dried camp fire powder to the boiling beatfat so that it can develop its full aroma. Then we add finely chopped percussion, political slogans, a hint of irony, pas- sionate Clubchilli, metropolis pepper, nomadic salt, melancholic, traditional minced meat and the madness of large families to the pot and after that we softly let it simmer over a low heat with much love for a few years. Serve it hot and dance it all up! In short: "urban tziganik hot- pot" by and for the Gypsys of this world.
Turlitawa is a high-calibre Quintet around the Roma actor, philosopher and bouzouki virtuoso Mustafa Zekirov (Macedonia) and the multi-instrumentalist, producer and video artist Iwan Harlan (Germany): Nicolao Valiensi - brass (Italy) Marc zur Oven - drums & percussion (Con- go, Egypt, Spain, Colombia) and Reiner Witzel - reeds & flutes (Germany).