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Tribes Of Asaph
Influence: Polynesian
Genre: folk
Tribes of Asaph Band Story The Tribes Of Asaph brings your mind and soul on an emotional journey through acoustic guitar driven original compositions. With songs about riding the tunnels in the world's biggest city to catching waves out on the ocean to the pure feelings of happiness and joy, it's music best enjoyed outdoors on a beautiful summer day. With a perfect circle of people from all corners of the Earth, the Tribes Of Asaph brings you great feel good organic acoustic music. more
Asaph Lerburn the founder of alternative folk band Tribes Of Asaph is an international artist from Malaysia who plays acoustic guitar and sings about getting back to nature and  about all things good and pleasant in life. His music is inspired by his journeys to wide open spaces around the world and evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. Travel to oceans and mountains, through rivers a... more
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