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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Toronto Tabla Ensemble
Influences: India , Asian , North American
Genres: world music, tabla, worldbeat, indian music
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Maryems\'Herre The five basic elements of nature are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, and are the basis of all cosmic creation. They have different characteristics and in Ayurveda and Indian philosophy, the human body is considered to be made of these five elements.
In "Maryem's Here" the Taiko, Tabla, Violin, Kathak dance and Vocals each represent one of these elements and how they interact with each other.
This music video was produced during the pandemic with artists in Canada and USA, for the album Unexpected Guests

Produced by Taal Productions and Carillon Audiovisuals
Composed by Ritesh Das and Nagata Shachu
Directed by Melissa Das-Arp
Aki Takahashi
Tony Nguyen
Shamir Panchal
Razak Pirani
Raaginder Singh Momi
Labonee Mohanta
Maryem Hassan Tollar

Kiyoshi Nagata
Ragini Kaur
Rama K Sivamani
Ernie Tollar
Shamir Panchal
Razak Pirani

Edited by Melissa Das-Arp and Harry W Arp
Mixed and Mastered by Gary Honess at Kuhl Muzik

Production Coordinators:
Alysha Addetia
Olga Apanaskevich

Thank you to FACTOR more
Global Music Award Composing/Composer and Sound Editing/Mixing! Unexpected Guests wins GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD for:
Composing/Composer and Sound Editing/Mixing!
Congrats to all the artists who worked so hard on this album and all the other artists from around the world! more
Unexpected Guests Canadian JUNO Award-nominated world ensemble Toronto Tabla Ensemble is having a party with some Unexpected Guests in this, their newest album release — available now!

Across the release’s seven tracks, the critically acclaimed group of artists weave a variety of instruments, from percussion to bagpipe, piano to taiko, sarod to flute, and more, with their signature sound rooted by the traditional tabla.

“This album is a simple one,” TTE Founder and Artistic Director and Roy Thomson Hall Award winner Ritesh Das says. ”Most of the tracks are in very straightforward 4/4 grooves. On our other albums, you had tracks with different time signatures that made it really intellectual and complicated.

“I wanted this one to be something that anyone can sit back and listen to and enjoy.”

Along with delivering the most approachable songs in their vast repertoire, Unexpected Guests is their latest in a series of boldly collaborative and sonically expansive works. In keeping with its eye-opener title, the immersive and diverse album finds Das and the TTE hosting a party of musical visitors: Enter The Haggis bagpipe player Craig Downie, Japanese Taiko Ensemble Nagata Shachu, singer Maryem Hassan Tollar, violinist Raaginder Singh Momi, flautist Alysha Addetia and more. more
Sixth CD BHUMIKA Sunday, September 09, 2018   JUNO Award Nominated Toronto Tabla Ensemble Release New Album   Bhumika Marks Release #6 for Canada’s Foremost World Music Artists — Available Now!   JUNO Award nominee Toronto Tabla Ensemble have released their newest album, Bhumika — available now!   Led by Artistic Director and Canadian tabla master Ritesh Das, TTE is the area’s foremost non-profit charitable organization of its kind. Das’ groundbreaking blend of world music influences — from Japanese Taiko, to Celtic, to Flamenco, to rock n’ roll — with traditional Hindustani instruments and the tabla have been long-lauded for introducing the style to the mainstream public.   Also released is the music video for “Faceoff”, described as “an energetic meeting between Hindustani and Carnatic rhythmic systems,” by Das. “It’s a song where we translated traditional compositions and classic grooves between the tabla, mridangam, and violin.” The music video features San Francisco-based kathak dancer Labonee Mohanta and violin player Raginder Singh Momi, two of the Ensemble’s newest guest artists.  Featuring intimately inviting closeups of five players’ hands and faces, the video for “Faceoff” slowly pans out to reveal the setting for song play. “The mystery builds. There’s dramatic lighting, intense shadows, and ‘looks’ from the players.   Suddenly we see a top view of a beautiful dancer clad in a red dress sitting in a white space. As if broken from deep meditation the dancer gets up and decides to join the players.  What ensues is best revealed within the video’s start-to-end, but rest assured it speaks truth to its title.   “Faceoff” is the newest single of what marks Toronto Tabla Ensemble’s sixth full-length studio album. Produced in dedication and inspiration of Das’ brother, kathak legend Acharya Chitresh Das, and Das’ guru, tabla master Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri, Das shares how they “greatly influenced (my) identity as a composer.” Maestro Chaudhuri’s own son, Nilan, is a recent addition to the TTE and plays drum kit and tabla on the song “Sare Nau”. It’s Das’ imaginative and unabating artistic vision that lies at Bhumika ’s core; TTE’s cohesive display of intensity and complexity in North Indian classical rhythm through collaboration with other World music forms means each song draws from the tabla’s solo repertoire and the mathematical complexity of Indian rhythmic cycles.  Under Das’ guidance, guest artists on the release contribute to Bhumika ’s musical magnitude in a way that supports and suits the theory and style of classical Indian music, while lending a transformative synergy all their own.  “We have a mission to share the depth and excitement of classical Indian music, as well as culture and history, with audiences around the world,” Das enthuses. “The result is a novel, contemporary sound.” Toronto Tabla Ensemble was nominated for a JUNO Award for their album Firedance , and their compositions have been licensed for numerous commercials and films. TTE created the theme music for CBC Radio’s daily Metro Morning .  Bhumika is available now.  For more information, please contact:  Melissa Das-Arp 1 (888) 958-2252   more
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Since 1991, Toronto Tabla Ensemble has mesmerized audiences using the rhythms and grooves of North India to collaborate with music and dance from around the world. Known for its modern, high-energy approach, TTE’s repertoire has brought audiences to the edge of their seats by showcasing the complexity of pure traditional tabla augmented by South Indian percussion, Japanese taiko, and kathak dance to create a high energy stage presence.

TTE’s signature has always been collaboration. Their past works have brought tabla together with Flamenco, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Afro-Caribbean drumming, and several other genres. This level of musical exchange has allowed TTE members and audiences to learn about other cultures and brings together broad communities of people. The scope of this exchange is easy to see at TTE concerts and on each of the albums.

The Ensemble has released six original studio albums and continues to work on releasing more. Their music has been recognized in Canada and abroad. They were nominated for a JUNO Award for their album Firedance and their compositions have been licensed for commercials, films, and as the theme music for CBC Radio’s daily Metro Morning. Their recent album Bhumika landed artistic director Ritesh Das a Global Music Award for Outstanding Achievement in composition and the Ensemble the Independent Music Award for Best World Traditional Song.

As TTE continues on its performance and recording journey it will continue to benefit from government and foundation grants as well as the generosity of private and corporate donors intent on increasing the Ensemble’s footprint of quality artistic creation and cultural exchange.

Toronto Tabla Youth Ensemble

Recently debuted in 2017, Toronto Tabla Youth Ensemble (TTYE) was established with the aim of becoming one of the elite pre-professional training and performance groups for youth percussionists aged 8-16. TTYE uses tabla and percussion instruments from around the world to create an electrifying contemporary listening experience. Apprentices and members are hand selected from the TTE school and attend weekly training and rehearsal sessions led by artistic director Ritesh Das and senior Ensemble members. The trainees have the opportunity to participate in retreats and workshops with musicians and dancers of other genres taking part in a collaborative creation process.

TTYE has gained a following in the community through performances at local festivals, fundraisers, and private events. They will feature in two self-presented concerts per year where they will lead the performance for an entire evening. TTYE has featured in films produced by Melissa Das-Arp and Taal Productions, including Dream Symposium. They are currently preparing for their first studio recording and will release an EP in the coming year.