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The Pangeans
United States
Influences: African , Caribbean , North American
Genres: afrobeat, funk, reggae, soukous, latin jazz, samba, high life, african, latin, township
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Photo by: The Pangeans
Photo by: The Pangeans
Pangaea(Pan je ' a), n: The landmass that existed when all continents present-day were joined, from about 300 to 200 million years ago.THE PANGEANSare a group of seven musicians performing Latin Jazz, Samba, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Funk and Afro-Beat. The group performs original compositions based on traditional rhythms as well as compositions by Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand), Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti and others. If you like to dance and/or listen to World Music, you'll love THE PANGEANS!THE PANGEANSare:BRIAN BENDER(trombone, trumpet, melodica, keyboards, percussion, composer) has formerly performed with O.J. Ekemode and the Nigerian All-Stars, Kotoja (African World-Beat), Ibrahima Camera, Black Rebels (African Reggae), La Perfecta (Salsa/Merengue) and the Berkshire Bateria Escola de Samba (Brazilian). He currently performs with the Wholesale Klezmer Band, Lucky Seven (Caribbean Ska) and Big Bandemonium (Celtic). Brian has performed in the Cape Verde Islands (West Africa), Egypt, Alaska, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. He has performed at Carnegie Hall as well as the Presidential Inauguration of Bill Clinton.JIM VOGEL(tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, percussion, composer) has performed and recorded with New Horizon (Reggae), New Roots (Reggae), the Berkshire Bateria Escola de Samba (Brazilian). Jim was a founding member of the acclaimed group Who's Kidding Who? (Funk), with one release on Bullet Records. He currently leads his own Jazz group and performs with Lucky Seven (Caribbean Ska).ADAM SCOTERA(trumpet, alto saxophone) has performed throughout the Northeast with many ensembles, including Caribbean Sounds, Lydia Lebron y la Connecticut Band, Banda Creacion (Salsa/Merengue), Inner Orchestra (Funk/Soul), and Souled Out. In addition to the Pangeans, he can currently be heard with Shokazoba (Afro-Beat), the Northside Saxophone Quartet, and Big Bandemonium (Contradance). He has extensive experience recording for some of these as well as various local artists. He holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Massachusetts. STEVE CROW(electric guitar) has performed with Ras Moon (Reggae), the World Beat Ensemble, Kevin So (original) and Maeve Hughes (original), to name a few. Leaning towards the funky side, Steve currently leads his own group, the Steve Crow Band, and previously led a band called Inside Out. BRUCE DOBBINS(congas, Latin and African percussion) is the godchild of Mongo Santamaria and performs regularly with John Sheldon. Bruce is particularly well-versed in traditional Afro-Cuban percussion styles and truly has a style of his own.PETER KIM(electric bass) has been performing for over 20 years. He has toured the USA from coast to coast and has had the honor to perform and/or record with James Taylor, Tonight Show drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Tony McAlpine (Steve Vai), The Equalites (Reggae), Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention), Jeff Peaver and many others. He has opened up for B. B. King, Wilson Pickett, Johnny Winter and many others.JOE "JOPEY" FITZPATRICK (drums) currently performs with Unit 7, Julia Slone, the Jones Trio, the Steve Crow Trio, T.J. and the Peepers, and Satinwood. His past projects and sub experience include The Bombastics, Ed Vadas, The Equalites, Janet Ryan, John & Christina Cantalini, John Sheldon, Llama Lasagne, Tag Yer It, Trailer Park, Wildcat O'Halloran Band, and The Jopeycast Podcast.