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In 1999, their seed was planted in Burkina Faso. It sprang in Portugal and, since then, has spread its fruits around the world, between musical research expeditions and live shows on the most important world music festivals. Recently, they have been given recognition by the Songlines Music Awards 2011, with a nomination in the Best Group category.With Terrakota, the world map is turned upside down, and borders are swept by their multilingual music, as if Portuguese, Creole, Wolof, Spanish, English, Arabic, were a single language. Carrying a passport for a ride around the world, their dance steps journey across mandinga and afro-cuban rhythms, soukous,maracatu, arab music, rap, chimurenga, and, more recently, indian music influences.

Their work speaks for itself: it joins together different people, languages and cultures. It struggles for a recognition of the universal human nature: strong political beliefs become embodied in the energy of their shows. But their solid musical identity, always inventive and well seasoned, is constantly being built and improved, with traditional and contemporary elements, on a global scale.

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