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About "Hallowed Ground (featuring Mal Devisa)"
This song was written on November 9, 2016, the day after the Presidential election. It felt like there was this surreal moment of mingled shock and and inevitability, of disbelief and utter revolting belief. That feeling of “what does this mean …? For the country? For the world? For the planet?” was the haunting and sickening inspiration for this song. My mind was drawn to Starhawk’s novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and the vision of a post apocalyptic America that it painted so beautifully, where a small group of matriarchally-led multicultural rebels tried to imagine a new society based on reconnecting to the land and “the old ways,” while fighting for their lives and right to live in harmony with each other and their surroundings. My colleague erin feldman wrote to me saying “this is the new Jim Crow,” and the rest just flowed from there …

Born out of the desire to explore and blend a wide variety of often paradoxical musical influences, TapRoots is a new vision of cultural fusion from multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew King. While the music is at once familiar - borrowing from elements of rock, reggae, salsa, soul, hip hop, samba, folkloric rhythms, and beyond - it taps into the roots of these traditions while imagini... more
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