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Influence: West European
About "Ken & Charlie’s Big Mittons"
Charlie Lennon’s Scottish Concerto {S} ( C Lennon) ~ Big John McNeill (P.Milne) {R} ~ Mitton’s Breakdown (E.Mitton) {B}
Saskia met a fiddler at a session at The Bogside Inn, Co.Roscommon when she was 13. She later discovered that this kind and encouraging man was the legendary musician Charlie Lennon.
Master fiddler Peter Milne (1824-1908) wrote the second tune for John McNeill, a champion Highland dancer. Milne taught fiddlers such as J.Scott Skinner and played in theatres till his Opium medication for rheumatism got the better of him. He died penniless in an insane asylum.
Earl Mitton was a well-known Canadian fiddler born in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1926. He composed several tunes that are now standard Canadian folk repertoire. Our good friend Ken Brown introduced us to Big John and Mittons.

Violin, Guitar, Bass, Snare drum, Bodhrán