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Influence: West European
About "Meghan's Sunday Set"
Humours of Kiltyclogher (or Kilclogher) (J Kelly ?) {J} ~ Palm Sunday {SL} ~ Rocking the Boat (B. Finnegan {J}
The word ‘Humours’ probably means the vibe of a place, though there are many theories. Kiltyclogher is a place in Co.Leitrim. Kilclogher is in Clare... The jig is attributed to John Kelly the concertina and fiddle player. Palm Sunday and Humours were both taught to us by the lovely fiddler Meg Balogh. Rocking the Boat was written by Brian Finnigan, the gifted flute and whistle player from the band Flook. Saskia picked it up at a session somewhere in Galway.