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Small Island Big Song
About "Dewi Sri (Small Island Mix) - Small Island Big Song Ft' Gus Teja"
13. DEWI SRI (Small Island mix)

English title – Dewi Sri
Composer – Gus Teja
Heritage – Balinese, Indonesia
Nature sounds - Nyuh Kuning in the 90s’, rice paddies now urbanised, consumed by neighboring Ubud.

Featured Artist –
Gus Teja – Balinese - Indonesia - Suling Bambu

Instrumental piece

Here you will hear those who sing for the seas.

From Taiwan to Aotearoa/New Zealand - Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

Islanders who share an ancient seafaring ancestry and language.

Artists contributed to each others songs recorded and filmed on their homelands in nature, with the instruments and in the language of that place from Sarawak... more
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