Influence: Asian
About "Pemung Jae (Small Island Mix) - Small Island Big Song Ft' Alena Murang"
7. PEMUNG JAE (Small Island mix)
English title – Being together
Composer – Kenyah folk song
Language – Kenyah, Sarawak Malaysia
Nature sound – The Upper Kelapang River, Long Peluan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Featured Artist –
Alena Murang – Kelabit - Sarawak, Malaysia -Vocals and sape’.

With –
Sina Do’o Ilah – Kelabit - Sarawak, Malaysia - Pagang
Sina Ngelinuh Karuh - Kelabit - Sarawak, Malaysia – Kelabit Epic Poem (Excerpt)
Pahin Lusang – Penan - Sarawak, Malaysia - Oreng
Lakei Tawan – Penan – Sarawak, Malaysia – Quote

Pemung jae natelu tuyang alem
ini alem ini edang, bulan
alem, alem ini
edang, edang bulan
atek lan nelan nelu ina tuyang

Nyae ketai nye ekem tuyang sa'o
sungai sa'o sungai limon
sa'o, sa'o sungai
limon, limon kanan
atek lan nelan nelu ina tuyang

We are sitting together tonight,
under the moonlight
This night, this night
Under the moonlight
My very good friend

Take care my friend,
whilst paddling downriver
Down river, down river
My very good friend

A quote by Lakei Tawan

Tana' itu' geh
Tana; ulo' be' nineh ulo' be' nineh
Be' inah tah jah, irah jah

And the land
The land belongs to us all, to us all.
Not just one alone, one alone.

“The knowledge and values in the songs are in more than the words. They are in the tempo and the melody. They are in the vibration.”
- Alena Murang